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    Anita, I dont know, but I think she feels bad. She knows I lost interest. I do feel guilty because I choose her freely and now I am unhappy.

    Brandy I agree with you in every word.


    Thanks again for the answers, I made my mind, I think this topic can be closed.




    Thanks for the time you all took to answer me. I appreciate.


    1. 7;

    2. It doesnt affect me as a father and employee, as I husband I do but my best to make her happy, but I cant fake it, she knows I m not happy w our relationship;

    3. Yes I did, she says she s jealous and wants a normal relationship;

    4. Even tho its kinda normal these days, I dont like to think that I ll be far from my kids, I m always present in their lifes;

    5. If I divorce I wont get into another relationship, I might get a girlfriend but would never live w someone again, no more ties.

    Brandy, I think thats why some ppl dont get divorced. I dont want to see another man with my kids, thats a big problem I cant solve.

    Ravi, We are living togheter, and thats the problem.


    I though a lot over this, I ll stay, unhappy but I ll keep my family togheter.


    I wish I didnt marry at 24…


    Sorry my bad english.


    Yes, thats it. I think we are not meant to have the same woman / man for life, we are not parrots.


    Dear Anita,


    Thank you for your time, reading this post and replying to it, feels good to know I m not alone.

    Regarding the robbery, now I m working on the warrants, so I can arrest them, at least for a while. The laws in my country does not work well, here crime pays.

    I think it would be nice to be single again, so I could “chase woman” without being guilty, and after 13 years together, my relationship has got cold, BUT I know shes a great person, still looks attractive, and she has forgotten my faults, I think I better stay with her.

    Wish the best to you all!


    Hi all!

    I just would like to share that I didnt drink anymore since that awful evening.

    I took the drug test results and it was negative for all drugs in the past 90 days.

    So when I was getting normal, a weak ago my police department was robbed and I had panic attacks. Went to a doctor who gave me pills to sleep, still feeling bad.

    Also I want to divorce, but I strugle to stay together for my kids.


    I ll reply to anyone who wants to penpal,


    Thank you for the answers, I couldn’t get better help.
    Today I made a drug test, both by hair and urine, so I will know if what I did counts as using drug.
    I will think about going public, but it might make things worse, I live in a third world country, people wont understand, probably the judge and the prosecutor would ask to the state to move me from here, which I want, but not like this, being banned.
    I still cant eat, sleep, or rest, since my mind is looping that awful moment. I just cant forgive myself. Sleep is being hard, since I wake up all the time, shaking and scared.
    Just telling, I am a right person, never took a bribe or did anything wrong at my job, I do the best I can with the resources I have.
    Now I do know I must stop drinking, and chasing woman, which wont be easy task.
    Again I thank you Anita and NJ for the time and effort you are giving freely to the ones in need. NJ I read your post for several times, it made me feel better, thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)