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    Hi Lindsey

    I can practically relate to your story as I am going through the same thing and believe I know how difficult it is. I am on my 4th of no contact with him and he didn’t even try to look for me which obviously he was just playing with my feelings.

    I know it’s difficult I know ur suffocating but try this try to talk it out in the mirror that way u can say it out loud yes it might sound stupid but it’s helpful, talk it out until u feel that suffocation subsides itself

    Too bad you will see him every day but take it as he was never there and don’t be scared to look him straight up on the face cause that will help you even more.

    I know how difficult the situation is and don’t avoid it cause when u do it becomes harder to forget, every morning give it 10′-15 minutes of ur time so it becomes normal until you become better.

    Don’t try to talk to him or tell him that he acted as a jerk he hurt you cause definitely you will be more desperate which is not too good for you my dear.

    Every situation is different I can say I am in the same position but I am trying my best to settle cause I am dating while raising a toddler n I can’t let her see the sadness in my eyes

    Your strong you over came a divorce and ur working don’t doubt the strength of your brain and soul try talk it out in the bathroom  let your tears flow hard and I am sure it will settle dear.

    Hope it will be of a help to you



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)