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    Hi Sweetie,
    We don’t know each other but we’re sisters just the same. I’m on the other path you didn’t choose when you listened to your gut feelings. I live with ‘that’ man, in stacks of ‘precious’ filth that cannot be disturbed, grow and spread until I have no place of my own, not even the bathroom to find quiet, calm and peace… and troublesome me that needs to be controlled for the last 7 years. I’m trapped, stuck, lost and with a seemingly impossible task to get myself free. Just last night I’d built up the strength to tell him we are separating and yet still somehow today I’m the crazy, irrational one still stuck… but you and I both need to remember- that is manipulative, controlling behavior and your true feelings are not crazy or irrelevant. Him breaking up with you and sending you that picture was his only way of hurting you.
    If you want the advice of someone who took the other path- cut it off. find other friends, find other things to do- work on yourself and work on loving yourself. No need to text someone who has nothing to offer you, at all. be done. find something else to do to replace all of him. in retrospect I’d take being alone the rest of my life just to get away.
    You think he dumped you, but all he has done is to lash out when he perceived you rejected him and his way of being. Those candy wrappers will always be more important than you. That other girl in his bed will be sorry and crying if she isn’t already- just like you, just like me. He, and my man- will congratulate themselves on manipulating us and hurting us; all while never ‘feeling’ anything themselves.
    Please count yourself as lucky, educate yourself on patterns and why we pick the people we do, or neither one of us will ever do any better.
    Good luck! RUN, don’t walk- to better places for you. LOOK OUT FOR NUMBER ONE! You cannot save anyone else, fix anyone else or solve their issues… all you can do is care for yourself and live with integrity.
    You are loved, your internal feelings are correct, your instincts are the voice of God and your only true guidance. I only wish I’d listened to my gut feelings before losing so many years.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)