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    Tim McAuley

    A few months ago while watching Brene Brown’s Tedtalk I heard the voice of my own shame.

    I sat with it for an afternoon and realized just how much of my life is affected by this underlying feeling; how I carry myself, my defense mechanisms, many of my goals and the depths of my relationships. For a few days I mulled it over. It didn’t make sense to me how we can so easily be convinced of such foolish things.

    Over the course of the past few months, I’ve caught myself in feeling that general sense of panic; “I haven’t done enough.” “I’m not successful enough.” “I’m never going to find her.” etc. etc. Instead of fighting it I’ve sat with it; owned the feeling and talked to it. Some of the most important words that came from those talks were “You are not broken.”

    I have my fair share of scars; I am partially responsible for a few as well. I’m pretty sure that some of my scars have faded, and others will last a lifetime. But, one thing I will continue to remind myself that I am Unbroken.

    Thanks for reading….LOVE YOUR FACE!!

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