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    Hello friend,


    I totally understand you, actually i can relate. well, the good news that most of our guts about dying is not true, but it is always good thing to check with doctors.

    i know this world became very stressful nowadays and we all want to experience more in our lives. therefore i want you to remember one important thing. “experience the now” because this is the absolute thing that you really own. we don’t know the future, and we can’t change the past. but we can enjoy the now! even if the now not the best thing we wanted to, yet we will enjoy it! because it is the only thing we have. and the only thing we can experience.

    i will tell you few steps to reduce stress and enjoy the now, it helped me before and i’m sure it will help you as well 🙂

    1. mindfulness: one of the greatest techniques is to empty your mind from all thoughts, therefore all stressful thoughts will gone as well, and you can do this by very simple things! like doing breathing techniques. -Youtube breathing techniques to reduce stress- and while doing this breathing exercise always focus on breathing. and if any idea poped up repeat “i will think of it, but later”. another technique is grab a candle and watch the flame of it for about 10 minutes. observe every tiny detail in this candle

    2. Be thankful: to enjoy what you have, you must realize what you really have! so grab a piece of paper and write down things you are blessed to have, or you are thankful for having it. like “i have bed, i have good food, i have good pet.. etc” and always be thankful for what you have.

    3. Walk, move: one of the greatest things you will ever done is walking, even if you feel tired. walking will raise your energy. and by time you will feel good health.

    4. have good sleep, eat well: these little things are the core of everything, just like breathing

    5. stay away from negative people, and always look for good news and good things around you.

    6. Affirmations: Affirmations or Prayers are very important,because you always should manifest what you want, you want to be in a good health, ask for that and pray for it. manifest it! and believe that you will.

    7. Meditation: meditation always reduce the levels of stress. specially mindfulness meditations. if you cannot attend classes, look for classes online.

    keep me updated 🙂 don’t worry friend.. you are healthy and great


    Ahmed Tonsy

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