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    Firstly, I would like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for replying. You guys are awesome.
    Secondly to reply to Karlo, He doesn’t necessarily give me anxiety a lot. I was just anxious because of my stress lately (from school, family etc). It’s just in this situation!
    I’ve been happy with our relationship.
    I’m guessing I just freaked out, but the way he acted in this situation made me catastrophize.
    I do generally suffer with things such as those, and I’ve been using this site to help me mostly. I thank your for your input !

    @cgsolano said:
    Hey there… I can only tell you this… Don’t give anyone or anything the capability to define your happiness. That power (of being happy) is only yours and no one else’s. Why? Well, the day you lose the person or the thing that made you happy, that’s the day you get into the situation you are in now.

    Best of lucks!

    And yes, give him space.

    In replies to cgsolano: Thank you for that passage of wisdom. I really appreciate it. I will explain my self further by replying to Inky and to all of you with how I dealt with the situation as it was very little.

    Yes, I am very poor at the moment! I’m actually working on ma computer languages in hopes to gain a job with a friends company soon. (hoping this will change everything for me) , But I do not depend on my boyfriend as a financial source. at all. I’m just not into asking people for money, if that makes any sense? People use have to fight me to pay for me haha.
    I’m more of relying on myself to be more independant and get this job so I will too be able to have a care and save money for things such as my own apartment, clothing, makeup, food etc.
    I never had any luxaries growing up, and yes I’m supported by my parents at the moment. (very little of what they can do) It’s very depressing to me because I don’t want to depend on them , but I’m still trying to get on my feet.
    but I would NEVER need my boyfriend for money.

    I’ve noticed lately I’ve been having a clingy personality. (I did some reflection last night) I noticed since we are both stressed, I’ve been just being simply clingy, and it probably got on his nerves. When he said those things I was just in real shock. I freaked out initially because I do have anxiety problems in generally. I freak out about everything. I’m learning to cope.

    I basically shut myself out from my phone, put some Porter Robinson on high volume on my speakers, and just happily went on with my night regardless he was thinking about breaking up with me or not. I decided to be happy and cope with what was happened with what I think was a healthier route than what I usually do when I get anxious, being crying myself to sleep and being angry, I dealt with it in a much better way and I’m happy for myself and I’m really happy you guys were willing to help.

    I can say Tinybuddha and it’s community and its website of course is something and someones’ I love very much.
    Thank you!


    Thank you all for your advice, just to clarify we generally have a really good relationship. I do not depend on him for money. I’m more independent . I just have bee anxious in life with school, family, and money. This was just a situation that made me freak out because things haven’t been so well lately. I typed a more in depth reply, but for some reason my computer deleted it. Anyway. I thank you all for your help.

    I did give him some space, I tended to my hobbies and I dealed with it in such a healthier manner than I usually would have if I began to be anxious with anything. I’m happy because later on he replied to me asking to hang out , and frankly he couldn’t take space away from me. lol.

    Thank you all <3 Much love.


    Hello, I apologize for the late reply as well.
    I shared it , but the sense of sharing my story with depression and being vulnerable led me to get really nervous. when my instructor was evaluating me he mentioned that I had a really amazing presentation , but the fact that I kept stating that I was nervous and apologizing “Sorry! i’m really nervous guys” made him worry. He gave me a speech about how wonderful of a person I was and such and I cried a little bit. It was emberassing , but it was an experience.


    All of you are really great and I really appreciate of each your advice (: It made me feel a lot more better. Thank you all.


    Thanks for your support (‘: hugs always help sadness .
    I really did want the job,
    You’re right it is a matter of “when”
    I just hate being so pressured by my parents and thinking i’m a loser and such because I haven’t been lucky in finding a job. I’m only 19 (20 this month) but still. I’m just in such need of a job.


    Thank you for that advice, It really helped me feel a lot better.
    I was thinking about sending them a thank you letter. I just feel so embarrassed though.


    Oh yes, social anxiety. I think that’s a very wise decision.
    I would love to do that as well but I’m very pressured by my family .
    social awkwardness is one of my issues as well. I’ve just always been like that.
    Hoping you can overcome anxiety and begin a life in confidence !


    Wow I really appreciate that you shared your story with me because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I’m just in a total slump and although it would’ve been the dream place to work , I dont even know if I’m ready to deal with people. I have anxiety issues. I get it from my family as well…
    The thing is , is if I want to get away from my family or be independent I need a job to help me out at a point and the sooner the better.
    I wish you good luck as well (:

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