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    Hi ! I’m preparing for my first ever speech in college about meditation. I’m currently taking a class called psychology of motivation and it’s currently the only class I’m taking. It’s required of first year students in my college.
    I am currently and A student, and I think because of that my teacher decided to make me present my speech first . I think he wants me to speak about meditation because it can possibly help the other students with their speech anxiety. Only one thing. I have a night to brainstorm it and present it tomorrow morning… I’ve mapped out things to talk about and how it benefits health , mental health and how it could help the college student but I’m lacking in supporting causes . It helps me and I have no real reason to support it except for my own experience but I do not have much to talk about except for how it’s helped me through anxiety and depression.. And I kind of don’t want to talk about that in front of people I don’t know. Not to mention I’ve never had a speech before, or presented in a class, neither am I ready or have practiced . I’m afraid . I need help


    Dear Crystal:
    Too late to communicate about the speech before your assignment. How did it go? Did you share your personal experience with meditation even though you didn’t feel like it? How did you deal with the fear the night before and the morning of the speech?


    Hello, I apologize for the late reply as well.
    I shared it , but the sense of sharing my story with depression and being vulnerable led me to get really nervous. when my instructor was evaluating me he mentioned that I had a really amazing presentation , but the fact that I kept stating that I was nervous and apologizing “Sorry! i’m really nervous guys” made him worry. He gave me a speech about how wonderful of a person I was and such and I cried a little bit. It was emberassing , but it was an experience.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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