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    Thank you very much Clouds for your reply really appreciate. Yeah it was indeed a terrible accident. But the worst part it was when I saw his eyes fade away like…I saw him literally passed away from his eyes and never experienced something like that. I could give him my leg plus my arm plus everything to keep him alive, I know maybe I sound kind of exaggerate but … And also seems to be impossible that he’s not here anymore already neither his body cos the vet send him to get incinerate…I mean I don’t even know if he does still exist his soul and if there’s one where it goes? I just want to have a message from him like, where he’s says he’s fine and he lives in a better place now. Im still astonished how a dog can put an end to his wee life, Im also so angry at this dog and Im powerless, completely powerless, I don’t really know when I will get some peace for the moment… My best friend invites me to go to seaside tomorrow for a couple of days, hope it will work as I see my kitten everywhere in the house 🙁
    Thank you Clouds for your support, yeah definetely I’ll hang here, for sure.
    Hugs to you too.

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