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    ACE I . I found your ideas really interesting. You want bond with your pets, you want to travel, want to read, you have so much to do in your life. Why are you concerned about the critics? The best way to avoid critics is to shut their mouth by your great actions. Do prove yourself, that you are not doing something wrong, it just that your idea of doing something is different.

    If you read the link given by TheAwakening, Its a brilliant compilation of thoughts. Please go through it once again and Lets talk about these thoughts applicable in your case. If you feel people are criticizing you for no reason, then you should follow #1. Stop spending time with the wrong people.
    If you think “Others assert their power and limit our choices on purpose.” then #10. Stop exclusively looking to others for happiness. No one can define or decide the purpose of your life. Its you who have to decide and device. Your life cant be decided by others, but they do judge you. The one who is your real well-wisher will judge you and give you a fair opinion to improve yourself. And the one who will only judge you to pull you down are just the hurdles of your way to make you more strong.

    Expectations are never-ending phenomena. Never try to fulfill everybody’e expectations. #27. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. You cant satisfy everybody.#29. Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen. and #23. Stop trying to make things perfect.

    Look for real motivation in life and go for it. It can take time, that doesn’t mean you are not right. Try to find out time for yourself and decide what actually inspire you? what gives you happiness? What do you want from your life? All these questions can take time, but that’s absolutely fine. If you are doing so , you are on a right direction.

    Last but the most important thing, open up yourself. Go out, make friends and most importantly “express” yourself. Expression cleanse your mind and soul and make room for new ideas and thoughts. If you keep expressing your feelings, your mind will always be unloaded from burden of thoughts.. and you will find yourself light and a easy goer.

    This is your LIFE no one else can decide about it. You will have to live it as per your aspirations. Reality is really beautiful, there is a need of slight adjustment of the perspective to look at it.. Give it a try, and life is yours!!


    Hi Hema,

    The situation in which you are, is not so rare. Its a part of so many of our’s life. Most importantly ” i feel i became still and nothing is forwarding in life..” this is just a state of mind and not the reality. You will have to stop telling this to yourself. Life goes still only once, at the end. Its still moving but not exactly on the right track(or the way you want it..). A little fine tuning is required. That’s it..

    I think if I got it right than your husband wants you to do only software job, but you are not actually sure of it. For this, you have not be in touch with your domain, so you fear of not getting a right job. But I doubt, First of all ask a question to yourself, “Do you want to go for a software job? ” or you don’t want to go for it and being afraid of it. It may confuse you more, but sometimes its required to get into more deep to come up with a simple answer. If the answer is ‘yes’ , and you actually want to go for it(and don’t want to leave your place). Then spend some time with you, find your interest in which field you want to go. Once decided go for some free( less expensive) online courses for the same. Once you started regaining your confidence try for the jobs in your same city. During the training, you can go for some freelancing work(start with small assignments). That you can do from home, may be something like paid blogging, web development, animation, online promotions.. there are so many options for you to try out. Once you find your interest, it will be easy for you to find a regular job.

    Now, If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’ for my aforementioned question. Then don’t go for a software job and try to find what actually you want to do? Once you will find your actual interest money will not be a problem. Because you always give your heart to what you want to do. Even if you will end up doing S/W job without your interest, you will be in bigger soup. After few months you will find yourself stressed and stuck again in somewhere, where you don’t belong to. In this exercise your biggest challenge is to convince your husband. Sit with him and try to make him understand that s/w is not something which I actually want. As of now Financial security is the main concern for you, which can be coped up with the work you actually want to do. May be teaching, training or something artistic..

    Hard time always gives you an opportunity to test your limits. You should not think ” what should I not do to make this situation worst? ” but think about ” What should I do to make this situation better?”

    At the end you are not at all still, you are giving a thought for how can you make your condition better and this indicates you are ‘progressive’. Be open to your husband, talk to him about your thoughts and try to solve the situation together. Neither you nor him alone can do anything about it being in a ‘family’.

    Remember, hard time is just a phase. All the best!!




    Hi Meghan,

    I liked your Idea, I would suggest to be more descriptive on your site’s homepage. It doesn’t talk about what it is? May be some flyer or some picture with some text on it can help. Home Page should be in a way that it should attract the visitor for his/her curiosity.

    Nice idea, all the best!!

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