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    Hi Doreen,

    So is he trying to get you back? Seems to me that you have completely lost your trust in him. Without trust, a relationship is very unstable.

    Hm..if you decide not to give the relationship another chance and know very well that deep down you can never trust him again, i think the best way is to not have any form of contact with him. Just let him know how you feel and tell him not to contact you anymore. Yes it’s going to be hard since it’s your first relationship, but to really move on the first step is to cut ties with him for however long it takes you to forget him (this method is extremely useful for me since it has helped me tremendously in getting over my ex of 9yr). Try to engage in doing something fun like hanging out with your friends or anything that you enjoy doing. If you really want to move on you also have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Try not to think about him. And whenever you are ready, just make new friends and see where that will lead you.

    Life is too short to dwell on sadness and negative thoughts.

    Wish you best of luck!

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