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    I experienced similar situation. I am not sure if i am overreacting too. I just broke up with my bf. Same likes your case, he was just out of a long-term and long distant relationship when we started dating. He continues to chat with his ex, his ex told him she is still waiting for him, but i know that he did tell her that don’t wait for him.
    I started to mess up everything and lost my trust to him when he scolded me as i called him when he was hanging out with his ex, he un-tagged himself on my fb’s photo, blocked me on fb, when we were still in a romantic relationship. (we were still text-ing love message to each other everyday (we are in long distant relationship too)).
    I called off the relationship a few times, but i still hooked on him when i called off the relationship, i was constantly thinking that whether i was overreacting or did i accused him falsely? He said he love me very much, thus he was trying to mend the relationship. He still continues to be friend with his ex, chatting etc. I understand that an ex can be friend after the relationship ended, but I feel so uncomfortable knowing that the ex is still emotionally attached to my man.
    Yea, trust is a fundamental building block of any relationship. I lost my control, trust and accused him when he was not able to pick up my called for few times in a day when he was together with his ex for his family gathering. I believe that he was not physically attached to her, but the emotional feeling really gets to me.
    After dwelling in this arguments for few months, he decided to cut off contact with me totally as he said that I accused him and threw his love into trash.
    I am still in the process of healing, but i am constantly feeling guilty and sinful when he said I made false accusation on him and I blamed him for my own faults and wrongdoings. My self-esteem became very low, is it I am a negative person who likes to blame when things turn sour?

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