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    Dear LadyBug,

    I too have daddy issues, your not alone! But not for the same reason. I never met my dad, he passed away before I was born, it’s more of a empty feeling really. Our situations are different but are both important. I know what you mean about other men, your father didn’t give you the love you desired and so you look for it in other men, in a romantic way. Men can indeed love, but you can’t always depend on it. You will never find the love you need until you love yourself. To get past this issue with your father, you need to forgive him, I know this may seem impossible but you have to do it for you, i had to as well! Try to see things from his perspective, he may feel lost in his own life. How did he grow up, how did his father treat him. All these things can affect the way he treats you. He obviously tries his hardest to express his love to you and that should be commended, the way he shows love is all he knows. It may not be how you want it but be thankful that he tries. You telling him how you feel did spark something in him because he got emotional, he loves you so much, men usually try to hide such emotion, but their is something stopping him, something he’s afraid of. This may be a hard process but you’ve already done the hardest step, you let him know how you’ve been feeling, good for you! Now you have to forgive him and sympathies with him. You have to give him the love you desire from him, that way you take back your power and also teach your father how to love. You are an amazing girl! Your worth loving, by your father and yourself!

    Zoe Joy Black

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