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I completely agree with you both when you say that you’re just right where you are as it stands today. That is literally all we can do. Not to regress backwards or try to push forwards into things/feelings we aren’t bloody ready to do or feel yet. I (happily…or not) think that is actually the healthiest state of mind to be in, in this moment. It’s just acceptance and an ‘its ok’ to feel all the feelings as they come up, or we just end up boxing them up and they’ll come up full force in another time. Not pretty!

Kkasxo – It’s so hard to say for your situation as like you said, the only thing popping into your mind would be your biological dad leaving that got into your subconscious and it’s kicked it all off in this situation….hopefully once you get your appointment, yes, it might help deconstruct things a bit that you didn’t realise played a part. I actually thought my family life was ‘normal’ for years, because that is all I knew! I used to rack my brain whenever I kept reading on family reasons being the real issue for lots of people’s emotional baggage. Then only a couple of weeks ago it clicked. My home life as a child was so dysfunctional! Yet on the surface, because I had a mum, dad, nice house, got all my presents, food cooked etc, it was fine. The relationship between my parents was just craziness and full of resentment. So, maybe look into the relationship dynamics between your relatives? It might or might not bring anything up.

A little insanity to make you girls laugh tonight….I’m on the app Meetup to try and find new groups and interests I can go along to, in the hopes of making my own life better without needing a partner (new goal). So I joined this group called something like “self realisation and true life purpose”. As it’s based in London and I don’t live nearby, the organiser agreed to give me a 1:1 on skype this afternoon. I thought ‘ great how kind of her to reach out to me and help me make a start on my new journey ‘. Within 10 minutes she mentions this ‘seminar’ that changed her life forever and now she has everything she has ever wanted. She kept dropping in this ‘seminar’ and quite quickly I realised she was doing a sales pitch! I was quite disappointed as I thought it was just a support group I was entering into. She then tells me the next seminar is in Barbados on Paradise Island and a man called Dr Tony Quinn leads it. She started barking on about scientific proof of the people who finished the seminar had massive changes happen in their lives through changing their subconscious via this seminar. I checked in with my intuition and got that feeling in my stomach, so I cut off the call. I logged out to ignore her attempts at calling me back. I googled this Dr Tony Quinn and it’s part of a cult! He believes he can see through walls haha. These seminars are £12,000 for 2 weeks! My god my search for a bit of support and hobbies turn into me nearly being recruited into some weird spiritual cult!

Hope that made you smile 🙂