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    I am very happy that i found this website!

    It has been only almost two weeks that i found out my ex was talking to another girl( (while i was telling him to come back to me that i regret breaking up with him and to give me a chance that maybe i was not being patient with him but he never told me about the girl )) and now they are together in less than a month.

    I feel way better, reading everyones stories, to know that i am not alone and that people are going through this supporting each other!

    You can find my topic called 3 years hard to move on at the bottom of the page.

    It feels like 2 months passed by and i am feeling happier and less stressful.

    I am so focusing on my new job at a Law firm in downtown houston, and will participate as a model on a magazine. The minute i left the relationship the more opportunities came in to my life. Now i have a better relationship with my parents, and I thank GOD for everything.

    I believe and i know anyone can go through this and will be happy one day! Bad times will only be temporary.

    Time Always Kills The Pain, so please be patient. We are human beings, we can love, again and again. Do not shut yourself down, because if you do then you will not process.

    Peace and Love,



    Hey Edlin! Thanks for sharing! Glad to see some good news posted in the forum. 🙂

    Dharmesh Radadiya

    Hello Edlin

    Nice to hear from you that you got a new job and getting better and better day by day.
    You are absolutely right that problems stucks to us temporary and i think if you use it perfectly and in different way then your life will be brighten forvever.

    Everybody inspired from you that how you tackle that situation and come out from that i think if you learn something from that just write down it as blog and lots of people will be benifited by that blog and you will be appreciated.B’coz its not too late to write it as you just came out from that so those ideas about how to tackle that difficult time still in your mind so i think you should have to give speed to your pen and start writing..

    Dharmesh Radadiya.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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