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    “Keep your heart clear
    And transparent,
    And you will
    Never be bound.
    A single disturbed thought
    Creates ten thousand distractions.”
    ― Ryokan

    A single man or woman can change the world with one great idea. Those ideas come from the Clarity of Purpose that can only be found once you have made the decision that you will absolutely stop lying to yourself. No more procrastinating, no more wishy-washy commitments or excuses, no more backroom negotiations in your mind. Be honest with yourself.

    Decide what is acceptable and unacceptable in your life and deflect and admonish yourself of any and all limiting beliefs, disturbed thinking or base-level fears. Become transparent with a clear and definite purpose. A purpose that is laying dormant within you awaiting your discovery, a purpose that is a seed for all kinds of unique and enriching talents provided to you. Provided by the Universe, the Power, the alebraic equation for the unknown, because no one knows what or where this power comes from, only that it exists. It exists within us all, between us all and through us all. It exists for the manifestation of all that is good and enriching and you can find your connection to that Power and grow exponentially once you have decided your mind is an unlimited resource and you will only ever grow towards your authentic self.

    Visit our blog for information on the Unlimited Resource of the Mind, How to Develop your Consciousness and Uncovering your Authentic Self.

    We have a burning desire to accelerate your performance and drive you into a higher level of happiness, prosperity and growth.

    Create some Fire and Pass the Torch,

    The Kanary Team

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