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    I watched with dismay the invasion of the Capital Building in Washington last week, what drove orthat dinary people to believe that this loud statement was needed in order for their voice be heard. I was also shocked to my core by  the brutal murder of George Floyd and the ensuing outrage.

    What strikes me is both groups feel the system is not working for them, I believe the vast majority of people involved in both these issues are decent people and are driven to desperation as they believe society is rigged against them… this is easy picking for extremists unfortunately.

    At its core they all share the same frustration and ideals. Is this an opportunity for healing, a new dawn where people have the same question but have the maturity to resist jumping to premature and uniformed answers. The question is how do we all build a fair and tolerant society that works for all ordinary decent citizens?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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