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    I have been having a lot of problems with anxiety and anger with my children and husband. I feel very out of control and I am not sure what I should do or how to get things under control. Even little things set me off these days, like if it takes my 8 year old too long to get dressed for school, etc. I am at a loss. Now my daughters kindergarten teacher called and said that she is having several tantrums at school and that she does not seem to have coping mechanisms and thinks that she may need to go to a “special group” with the guidance counselor to help her develop some…feeling like the worst parent EVER! My child is having issues controlling her emotions because I can seem to get it under control. Any thoughts or suggestions?



    How has your situation going? Has there been any improvement? Do you meditate or make time to appreciate things in your life. Appreciating things in my life consistently and finding good in people has changed my relationship with my wife, my dad and helped my 7 year old daughter get rid of anxiety towards school (when she applied it). I hope things are starting to shift for you and your family.


    Dear Kate,
    I can relate to what you’re going through. I have 2 young kids age 9 & 5. You sound like you’ve been very busy being mom and you’re tired. What you need is a little break. Can you find some way to just take short walks by yourself to clear your head and breath in some fresh air? Just this simple thing can improve things tremendously. Once you have a breather for yourself, you’ll have a breather for your kids. Our energy affects people around us and vice versa. You might not have to worry about your daughter’s tantrums. When mommy is calm, everything calms down. Yes, you have that power. Now, everything costs money. Baby sitter costs money. But it can save more than it costs. A little investment in time for yourself is what needed here. I’ve been there in your shoes. My love and hugs to you. Wish you’ll find some time to just be Kate.

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    Kate I also have had severe anxiety to the point I was diagnosed with Vocal cord dysfunction my doctor stressed to me the importance of taking time for myself, I will go to the gym for 1-2 hours on friday and my mom will watch my son and the 1-2 hours a week does so much for me spiritually and mentally. My point is take time to just have you time even if your riding in your car alone for a hour playing some soft music, being alone sometimes just feels good. I hope this helps.

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