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    Dear Anita,
    I noticed that your posts are now titled as “Annonymous” instead of “anita” and I wonder what happened. Did you delete your account? Decided to go cold turkey? Are you taking a break from the forum? Is it just an error in the forum software? I am confused because I thought you would have posted a note if you leave. Anyway I hope you are okay and if you are really taking a long (or endless) break from the forum, then enjoy your time! I will miss you but I also want you to be well.



    I was wondering the same. Also, completely understand if you need a break. It is not easy to give as much and as continuously as you do. I have a lot of respect for the empathy and understanding you show for everyone that posts, even if not everyone is in the state of mind to appreciate it at the moment. So please take care of yourself and know that you are valued, respected and thought of.


    She needs a break.
    We all do
    From social media
    Do you get your sense of self, your validation from social media?
    I have but I try not to.
    I try not to be thrilled by a compliment or depressed by a criticism or dislike.
    I cant tell you who you are.
    You cant tell me who I am.
    We are all much more dynamic, more complex than that.
    Can you really know my situation?
    Partly yes but fully? No.
    our empathy helps but it can never fully solve or ease our problems.
    I believe we have to turn our problems over to God.
    God is the ultimate counsellor. The divine discerner. He can see through all our masks. He may not give us exactly what we want now but he will ultimately give us what we need in the long run.
    There endeth the lesson. 🙂


    All, Anita is alive and well and didn’t take a break but her ID did for some reason. the technical folks are working on it. She has been reading and is still interested in your posts. For the record, I am Anita’s significant other, we share life, joy and happiness together in our space.

    best to all of you,


    Thank goodness, Anita is the best! Thank you for the update, castingman. You are lucky people.


    Dear Peppermint, greenshade, jock and Charlie:

    This is me, anita, posting under “castingman”- the username my husband used to open an account so that I can message you.

    I am touched you started this thread, Peppermint- very pleased. Thank you! And thank you greenshade, jock and Charlie for adding your posts.

    As I posted in a new thread (“A message from anita”), someone deleted my account. Not me. I wouldn’t go-anonymous if I needed a break. When I need a break I take a long, long walk. Not delete my account, for crying out loud!



    That is strange indeed.


    Dearest Anita like you a lot. You are very kind hearted person.


    Thank you, finewine: I very much appreciate your comment.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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