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    Hello – I know I need help, but am at a complete loss for what kind. Over the past 2 months, I have moved in with my partner, started a new job (which has been less than satisfactory) and experienced a surge of panic attacks. With the increase in my anxiety, I have found myself reverting back to behaviors I used in my restrictive eating disorder (which I went to treatment for 5 years ago). My life feels out of control, even though everyone says “you have everything together and are doing great”. On the surface, I can’t pinpoint what is wrong, but inside I feel confused on what to do, how to fix how I feel and the support I need.

    I participate in therapy, but am wondering if I need something else? Has anyone had success with life coaches, eastern medicine, energy work, I am open to ANYTHING.



    Dear FlamingoPink:

    Mindfulness has been a big part of modern psychotherapy for years now and there is lots of literature on it, including magazines with the title Mindfulness, books and workbooks available in libraries and bookstores. On this very website on the home page, if you click BLOGS and scroll down you will find Mindfulness. You can read on Mindfulness in Wikipedia for general information and there are I am sure other online sources of reputable origin.

    If you want to discuss Mindfulness here, with me and with other members who would like to participate, please open the discussion.




    Hello Flamingo Pink,

    Moving in with your partner and starting a new job are two very big changes to have happened in a short space of time and have probably caused you to become more stressed particularly as your job is not suiting you very well.  Feeling out of control is the root cause of your panic attacks, or anyone else’s for that matter.  Physiologically, you are not maintaining the correct balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in your body.  You are releasing too much oxygen and retaining too much carbon dioxide which is why panic attack sufferers are advised to breathe in and out of a paper bag until they stabilize.  Another method is to cup your hands over your nose until you stabilize.  Being mindful of your breathing is a great place to begin.  A simple way is to sit quietly with some relaxation music playing and watch your breath as it rises and falls, taking the breath in through your nostrils and down into your lungs and then out again.  The aim is not to alter your breathing but just to observe it.  You might find it changes of its own accord after a few minutes.

    Exercise routines such as tai chi and yoga help you become aware of your breath and your body and are very beneficial for lots of reasons and usually include a relaxation period at the end of a session.

    Can you remember what was happening in your life when you had your first panic attack?




    You are going thru many stressful things right now that feel overwhelming—job change, new living situation, disappointment abt the new job. It is understandable how all these would cause you to have anxiety, panic attacks, and cause you to relapse on your ED. You have the support of a therapist and a partner, and have had the strength to battle an ED. Sometimes life throws a lot at us at once… just break it down into manageable pieces. Mindfulness is helpful—be present with what is, and not just with what’s in your mind. Make lists to help you prioritize what needs to be done in order for you to feel more comfortable and secure. For me, that would be putting my home in order. Always, self-care should be first. Sleep, and healthy eating will keep your energy up. Let the people in your life help you.

    may you find peace and  feel better soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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