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    Hello everyone that’s on this site! I just joined because I’m really loving how supportive and motivating everyone is to each other. I’m hoping for some words of wisdom from y’all regarding my own situation.

    I graduated college last year in June and I am currently in the process of applying to graduate/masters programs to become a Physician Assistant. As you may know, it is extremely difficult. I found a job in my local home city in radiology and live at home while I hear back from schools. So far I’ve heard from about 2 schools and they have been rejections. I had one interview but was also rejected from that school (only 45 spots from the 100 people they interviewed out of the 2,000 applicants).

    From this site and other great folks in my life, I have learned to try to stay positive and keep pushing through. However, I get really down just thinking about this situation I am in. I am constantly trying to better myself as an individual, for the schools I have applied to but also for myself. However, I am starting to lose hope. This loss of hope then relays to other aspects of my life, such as my relationships with my family members. I begin to take out my anger and stress on them, and I only realize after the damage is done. I then tend to hyperfocus on other aspects such as romantic love and go on dates with these jerk guys who are no good for me. It becomes a cycle that I think is all perpetuated by the underlying stress and anxiety caused by me not advancing in my career. I feel like I have failed in all dimensions of my life. I would appreciate any support, thank you!


    Dear prabilicious:

    You graduated from college only this last June, three months ago? That is very recent. And it is very difficult to get accepted into the schools you applied for, I understand.

    How can you calm down, day in and day out, practice patience in this process of in-between: in between college and graduate school?

    There are techniques to relax, from aerobic exercise like brisk walking to swimming, yoga, tai chi, guided sitting meditation and moving meditation… hot baths, hot teas, and so on. What have you tried and what worked so far?



    You have not failed at all beautiful person, you are simply just growing and learning, focus the bad energies on a hobbie a craft or writjng doen thoughts and its ok we are all human no one perfect its about your kindness and being a good person is what is in your jeart. YOU ARE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN LIFE AND GETTING IN,SCHOO,.Z IZF YOU dont get in nust remember thisndoesnt define who you are as a person or your worth.nothing compares to you. Fovusnon your happiness hobbiesnyou enjoy hangingnout with people talking it out help others hot bath yoga reading advebtures whatever helpsmyou, you are always learning growing changing and you arent a bad person, ehen we fail its about not the fact we failed but how w5e deal and what we will change and learn from this and that it can inspire others lovely. You are so beautiful and this will never change. I wish you all the best in life, you matter and are importnat youll always be okay take comfort in that no matter what happens..people love you you matter you are precious talented and growing we need you hugs Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡



    Thank you for your response. I actually graduated last year in June 2015. I’ve been working a decent job since then while I wait to hear back from schools.

    To stop the anxiety, I have been trying to meditate but thats somewhat difficult. I am reading different books such as “Creative Visualization.” I don’t do yoga but I would like to try it, I don’t think I would be very good at it so that’s holding me back. I’ve been spending more time with my friends and that helps me because they understand. I also try to exercise and eat healthy because that’ll help with the relaxing. Other than that, the anxiety is higher when I see my friends from college getting accepted and starting.



    Thank you very much for your response. It was really sweet to hear those positive words from you! I hope I can get accepted soon as well.. just difficult to keep waiting.


    Dear prabilicious:

    Since being with friends helped you, do more of that…

    Exercise helped you? Do more of that.

    Regarding meditation: for many people, sitting meditation is very difficult as anxiety increases, not decreases for many, trying to sit there and breathe deeply. So better do a Moving Meditation/ Mindfulness practice. It is about doing a task which you normally do automatically, doing it while paying attention. It can be anything normally done inattentively.

    Let’s take your exercise. Let’s say you lift weights: you can do that slowly, paying attention to every move, how your arms feel picking up the weights, how your feet feel on the floor, how any part of your body feels. Make deliberate movements, pay attention.

    If you walk outdoors, pay attention to the feel of the air on your face, or the ground under your feet, the views in your walk, the sounds. When your mind wanders to thinking (and often worrying), gently bring your brain back to the sounds, the sights, the feel…from thinking to sensing.

    Yoga- slow yoga is a practice of moving meditation. It should be about noticing how your body feels doing this stretch or that stretch, holding this position or the other. For relaxation purposes, yoga should not be about performance (For people watching to be impressed etc.)

    Tai Chi, is another moving meditation practice that slows down the brain and gives you that much needed break from thinking.



    Hi Prab,

    You are being too hard on yourself!

    You are young and have your life ahead of you – stop comparing yourself to others and be the unique human being you were meant to be!!

    Also, please do not date guys just for the sake of feeling good – nothing good will come out of it! VALUE Yourself!!

    Wishing you much success and happiness.

    GOD bless!

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