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    Youre a beautifuk oerson nothings wrong with u do whatever gives u safety hope happiness focus on your happiness innevery day life, also for those who think jesus isnt a loving god, let people believe what gives them happiness. Jesus doesnt teach people to be mean or not loving, christiabity is about loving, whoever judges or is being mean is sinning and hopefully they kearn from it, we are all human, struggle helps us grow learn and help inspire people dealing and its all worth it beautiful personl you arent alone one day ull look back on this and smile because u got grough it, theres nothing wrong wtih u. Focus on daily baby steps your happiness always comes first u can helpmpeople by being you. Est yummy food read try new things hobbies anything different inagine what u want make steps to go for it theres a billion thingsnin life u havent seen yet snd its so incredible beest of luck to u we love u so much and beautiful u are a angel keep shining youll be ok im 19nive seen many of my little brothers aka my younger guy gay or lgbtq driends find someone they love and get through their struggles you can gpbe happy too, it starts with u, for now focus on what u can control how u see yourself how u treat others eith kindness your mom and mean people will get it eventually, be the change and be nice keep being awesome u, theres lots of good in the world life is beautiful and ur one of the people that make it this eay, it alk holds a lesson dont stop believing in hope Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡ u are never alone bless u


    Its his loss theres nothing wrong with u, u deserve to b treated like the queen u are its not your fault a real person meant being in ur life would try to help, not cheat and be selfish, dont blame yourself. Try fovusing on ur happiness daily with hobbies things shows u enjoy ns spend time with kids go out in community vidit places say hi and try dating apps just knownits not your fault ull get through this i promise beautiful. Ee etruggle to learn, grow and help others dealing with same stuff nothing js wrong with you ur on the right track and we lovemyou the best thing ucan do for u is seek help accept change let go know u deserve better and he isnt your bff anymore, u dont feseve to be hurt, dont forget good times u had and that u helped eachother some ppl come im and out of life but its ok youll survive jts all for best and u matter youll be ok my beautiful frjend best of luck innlife youre nevr alonejts all worth it Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Namasfe you are so beautiful congrats on being uits ok to be single because u knoe one person does not define the increible5 amazing person u are. U dont need a other half to feel fulfilled or admored, love yourself do wahtever makes u happy focus on it and crush on people or try new things hobbies places to meet people and if u qrent ready u cant controlmit give it time, u deserve happiness and ull beok fovus everydqy on what u can do and dont presure yourself. Single or notmyoull always be worthy a boss and amazing best of luvk to you beautiful person youll look back on thid and smile one day, struggles help us grow learn and be better and help pekple and u inspire people everyday in time he will come, the person that sees the boss gem u are and treats u with 100000 respect and everything uhope for, its learning experience and ull be ok hom. Muvh love Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡ PROUD OF U BEAUTIFUL SOUL WOOO U ROVK5 SLAY


    Hi beautiful you are amazing its all worth it youre a beautiful person. Take it day by day for now focusnonnyour happiness foods u like to eat taste good and remmeber u deserve to live eat yummy stuff and eat good food. Try baby steps like eat healthier snacks eat one fruit everyday atleast or water more, baby steps everyday and add one more and try exercise doing what u love, when u want. Dont pressure yourslelf judt keep trying see what works for u and knownu arne trying jts inspiring and will helpmothers youre amazing and we love u, u are amazing thank u for existing youll be ok i promise, you desrve to eat, live eat yummy amazing favours that pop in your mouth mouth watering ymum things, your wright doesnt define you cant even measure upnto just how beautiful your soul is best of eishes in life, believe innu and knoe u deserve to be ahopy always and u can make urself happy u want this so bad , good im proud of u, take it day by day in time chqnge happens. Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hello beautiful martin you are groeing changing everyday how incredible is this, itll be ok for now focus on daily baby steps because you deserve happiness. Remember u deserve it,,youre a great person so much possibilities out there to do like travel to cool hidden caves try yummy chocolate or visit new places have a beautiful summer romance vucket list etc save kives helpmpeople u name jt,,u can do anything in tbis beautiful life, your life is just beginning martin best wishes to u take comfort you make people smile and add to the world everydqy you matter..people like us on here wanna help and we love u. Please r,emember love u too. Write down dreams anything that gave u once joy, or find new stuff u clothes books hobbies dreams start researching and look forward to one thing everyday like getting close to relief or doing new sthff just get up and simply be your besutiful you, even if it doesnt feel like anything yet it will soon. Fight for what you want and want it do bad u wanna be happy and fulfilled again it allways can be created and starts with u hugs u can be happy anytjme u want. Focus just on stuff u like what u wanna do relax be calm eat yum food laugh alot and live your dreams you mattr alot best in life martin Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hi beautiful guy you arent alone its ok to not feel ok what matters is u wanna be. Gor now focus daily on baby steps, things that make u happy, you never lostmyourself. Youre groeing daily learning and inspiring by being ul youre becoming your best self in time and your in a beautiful journey hon, nothing can take away your awesome beautiful self nothing at all, remmeber you have the power to make u happy by doing what u love focus on stuff u enjoy like yum food a fav tv people stuff you look forward ro and accpeting you dont feel good but its ok itll change. It starts from witihn you can be happy any time u feel ull get there stay positive hopeful believr in u and trudt in life. Ots all for thr greater good, we struggle to learn grow and help others goin through same stuff. Your freaking amazing anxiety and struggles dojt define you, your interests good soul likes dislikes quirks beauty ,,thats you. You can live a bettee life any day choose today and say fricj it i wont let bad stuff define me yea im human but im a good lerson deserving of happiness, Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hi beautiful theres no shame in peeing or pooping your bfs parents do it too we all do u can take some comfort inthat, i know honey itll pass i promise for now be open to them about it take small baby steps, realize everyone and you poops but you matter and if u dont feel ckfortable otsnttoally ok you will get through this its not silly at all, try eating more grains fruit and fibre for healthier poops and squatting with your knees more up im sorry bout the bowel syndrome, you will ge t through this feeling and itll all be ok, remind yourself someone knowing i am pooping doesnt make me look like a freak or gross, we all poop and i am a good beautiful pereon, which YOU ARE so i hooe that can helpa lik, no matter what someone might judge but thisnis good because this is making you be more confident being you and doing what u need to do, i used to feel thid at peoples houses but jm like yo frick it i hsve to so imma go, and to minimze noise you can put a wad of paper to catch it or something so it doesnt make a plop sound or turn on something that makes noise, and progably other people feel the way u do but you all are doing great and will deal with this and be ok, your pooping is okay you are still amazing nothing wkllc change this, bless u have a great life Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hi beautiful person WOW IM SO PROID OF U THAT U ARE LEARNING AND GROWING EVERYDAY U DO DESERVE GOOD FRIENDS WHO LOVE U FOR U, I PROMISE THEYLL COME FOR NOW, BE THAT TO OTHERS AND YOURSELF enjoy each day tonthe fulkest do more what makes u happy remmeber what u deserve and its good to enjoy your own company, i do my pals are all far away but its ok goin to college iknoe ill hang with nw people and also helpmotherd even if i cant get to know them 1000 percent as longas i help and pursue what i love and live my life everyday i know im doing great. Youre a good person nothings wrong withnyou, you got light in u too just the darkness can cloud it but i know what its always been therr.,your light. U inspiredpeople keep shining beautiful i love u so mich Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Dear beautiful angel shirley yourr a beautiful person, do whatever you wanna do when u feel comfortable doing so you can start todau try some new stuff everyday you have al the time trudt me, keep living life dailynto the fullest and focus on your happiness and i assure you these doubts wilk go away, choose to remember you desrve to br happy and believe that because you do, youl be ok i promise this life id yours, you learn and grow everyday youre doing great youre a beautiful great person honey ♡♡♡♡♡♡ youre a shining star that helps others and adds to the world, the man and people who bullied you eill learn not to do that, they nade mistakes but it has nothing to do with u nothing is wrong or was wrong with u u deserve kind ppl who love u for ur beautiful self, keep positive have hope love you and other people are gonna come in your life and show u the love u deserve for now give yourself that because sweetie you deserve all the happiness in the world love youre a angel. We need you. Focus on taking baby steps daily and what u wanna do go do it work hard have faith think positive believe in u and uou can do anything blesss u Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hi beautiful ngel you keep growing and learning dont let the past tie with who u are. Yeah u made mistakes we all did but its about how u deal and letting go and what u will do after. You are a kinder person now so mission accomplished U DOING GRRAT5. SO PROID OF U REALLY, yourr gonna do just fine . Remmeber fovus on your happiness comparing and crititzing ovranaalzying steals joy and u dont eant that so everytime u feel need to analyxe be like thisnonly puts me doen this doesnt serve me any good, i learnt from mistakes i am a good person, you help peoplr and u matter. U are a good person we love u keep telling urself this and focus on ur daily happiness Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡ forgive yourself because u are a good person u are human u learned and u deserve kindness alwlays so start with u too


    You did the right thinng beautiful im oroud of you, on life some people come in and out so we can learn grow together learn from eachother and help eachother, you helped eachother. Hell be ok so will you i knoe honey remember u arent alone and youll be ok, fovus on finding a man you feel righy with. Youre not a bad person for not feeling right with a nice person he wasnt right for u u cant help that. U can keep focusing on what makes u happy daily..ehat u deserve what a beautiful worthy person u deserve of lovr and kindness what u want out of a partner and have faith there id someone out there who will treat u like that but better. Theres 7 billion people how amazingnis this theres silver lining always. I dumped someone before and got dumoed and we lost contact or o had a big heart always and for past two years id reaxh out to pals unblock them on and off on skype write nice message then block them knoeing it didnt feel right it won’t change anything , finally i told my mom and she says these people are not here for a reason will they really care yes kindness messages can provide closure but if they already are not in your life for a long time sometimes theres no possible reconnection or its meant to be this way we can only control us not people who dont wanna or arnent good for our lives anymore, ehat i remind myself is i helped all these peoplr ee had good memories, life goes om we grow ee learn and i hope my story could help u, we all love u u arent alone youll get through this focus on the people u got and on your bliss happiness daily, love u beautiful girl , love Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡ give it time to heal youll be ok u survivor u survived things before but trust me if i can get over 2 years of on and off pattrmsn so cnan u you arment alone letting go feels hard but surely one of the most rewarding feelings ever so worth it


    Hi beautiful person comgrats your recovery journey is starting agreed lets get exciting for how much you grow, its ok you have or had addictions what matters is this doesnt define the beautiful unique person you are. Your wife loves u unconditionally and will love u the fact u geting help and wjlling to try and learn says alot about you. Keep staying positive focus on being happy and day by day accomplismnets and babysteps. Change doesnt happen adap but it will stop i promide, just accept this is happening and that its ok to make mistakeks youll end up ok, youre a grrat person ure never alone you are loved u are amazing and youll be ok, u can alsonuse these experiences to help others struggling with addiction to porm or other things, theres always a silver lining, u can be happy anytime and create it, happy people dont focus on what goes wrong but how thry can learn and to fight that they deserve to feel good just focus on what is good healthy and gives u joy in life like your wife food or etc, itll be ok woo KEEP UP YOUR AAMZING RECOVERING ITS WORTH IT WE ARE SO PROID OF YOU Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hi beautiful i pray youre okay now, just know u cant babysit someone they gottamwork on themselves u deseve happiness we learn from mistakes and grow, you helped hi, thats what matters,,you tried, focus onnwhat makes u happy just knowntheres silver lining always and that u mater and are never alone always rooting for you, best of luck hon, focus onnyour happiness guys, and hel otjhers and be kind to you, dont critisize let stuff go and know u dont need to control what u cant control u and wish peoplenwell its all for s purpose. Theyll get help eventually love uu Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    ^ hi beautiful you arent alone congrats on all the trying, guess what its not a fail you tried all different things and good niw you know they dont work for you so we and you, can better figure out what you need . I think you need to talk to someone a therapist counsellor or someone else, focus on hobbies people things you enjoy and makes you happy, you may bot have control over your weight but its ok its all about eating healthier and not pressuring yourself. Take it each day, the key is not pressuring yourself bout food, you eat to live, feed your bodu with lots water grains fruits veggies healthy stuff exercise to songs you like and doing a exercise that gives you joy, change doesnt happennasap, the beauty of it is yourr growing and progress youll get to see it gradually, keep going trying you never stip learning, your weight does not even define you to the most beauty you are, you cant be compared to you are too amazing your weight doesnt define you, your goodness helpingnothers and heart quirks onterests hobbies define you, weight wont stop u from living your lifr, dont let ot, keep going and keep wriitng dreams goals and talking to peoplenwho can help, you can still enjoy the daily miracles or life, love you youre never alone Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡


    Hello beautiful confrats on your progress you came a long way hon and it never stops. Focus on your dreams what do yiu want and how youll get there focus on whatever makes u happy and that u deserve ti be happy like you dream of moving, wellnyoull get there have faith work hard and trust allnthe stuff u experiemced is for greater goodnto help u be the great person u are today. U can shwre your story to help others and also u cwn live the life unwant anytime, eat yummy good funny videos do a hobby u like and focus on looking forward to something each day no matter the goalnits not sily, small accomplishments and daily things in our life that give us even a bit of joy are thr big things they matter and become our life, fjll yournlife with stuff food friends people things u like adn also love yourself. Youre a survivor a incredible warrior and jt onky gets better oh all the possiblities innljfe to pursuit is a excitement in itself but for now chang takes time take it daily do what u want, jf u make a mistake its ok we all human dont critize yourself and let it go. Past is past we learn ane grow from it, its about how we learn and what we so from failures , not letting failures definenus, fight for what u want and believe and work hard youll get there i promise U ARE AMAZING U AREN’T ALONE U MATTER U ARE IMPORTANT much lov3 Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡

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