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    I currently Freelance (I do Graphic & Web Design) and I’m curious to see if there are any others in this community as well. I’d love to connect and chat! It’s a really difficult field as I’m learning, and the uncertainty is scary. Still, it is truly my passion so I’m sticking to it right now.

    I’m not alone here, am I??

    Madison Sonnier

    Hi Matt! I’m a freelance writer, and I’m pretty new at it. It can be challenging at times (as every job is), but I love it and can’t see myself doing anything else.

    It’s so wonderful to find something you’re passionate about, isn’t it? 🙂


    Abso-freaking-lutely!! I just graduated college, so I guess I’m luckier than most in the sense that I have the freedom right now to pursue freelance with little risk, Regardless, I’m sticking with it!

    Paula Lawes

    Hey Matt and Madison! I am new to writing and looking for freelance work! I agree with both of you, if you are following your passion then where can you go wrong? I am a massive risk taker and believe in my dreams….. Hope you guys get yours 🙂

    Joanna Warwick

    Hey Guys, I would recommend checking out my mate Sophie’s site: http://beafreelanceblogger.com/ she has list of people hiring for freelance/paid writing gigs..
    Also I’ve found Odesk very helpful for find freelance people for all aspects of my business..
    Hope thats useful… Jo 🙂


    Jo, I’ve found that those sites, while offering tons of work, are nearly impossible to land gigs with! I’ve given a few different sites a chance, but I always get beat out on the jobs!!

    The strategy I’ve found most successful is cold emailing. I’ll browse through different websites every day, say bakeries one day, fitness clubs the next- if it seems that a website is outdated and can be improved, I use whatever contact is available to email them and offer my services and how it can help their business.

    I haven’t gotten a ton of work yet, but it has been the best strategy for me so far. Once you have clients, a ton of your work will be based on referrals!

    PS- Great to meet all of you!

    dayna cotter

    Hey Matt,

    I’m a graphic designer right now and I find recruiters to be super helpful! The Boss Group, Creative Circle, Talent Zoo, Hire Profile may all have offices and resources in your area. I find myself turning down many job offers because I’m already too busy! Linkedin has also gotten me a lot of opportunities.

    Don’t give up!


    Thank you Dayna! Do recruiters take a cut of the profits? I really have no idea how that works.


    This is quite serendipitous as I was just speaking to someone about beginning freelance work. I am a new stay-at-home mama with a master’s degree so it feels like a great way to continue writing and thinking without having to go into an office everyday. Any tips for getting started would be excellent! It seems like a challenging field but very rewarding. 🙂


    Hi there, I’m also a Graphic design freelancer. I quit my job and moved back from a big city to my tiny hometown 1 year ago. I dont have much customer coz I’m a dummy in business communication. Just launched my website :www.gabinest.com. I’m really want to connect with other ppl especially in design.
    I’m also a diver, I have just worked in diving industry for 6 months in my hometown, it’s a good activity that helps me out of stressful life.


    Hi all, I’ve recently jumped into the professional world of photography.
    I’d love to connect with other individuals working in the arts and learn ways to get ones foot in the door.

    I recently renovated my large garage into a photo studio. I have experience with all sorts of photo work. People, products, commercial, weddings, events, art, etc.
    I have an official website as well.

    I’ve spent long hours learning and practicing, but I need to learn how to get out there and gain exposure.

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    Hi Matt and others on this thread,

    I’m a freelance content creator studying a Film Production degree. Anyone else in the media field?



    Im a free lance artist, well i wouldn’t insider me as an artist, as drawing is only my bobbie. later on in time, i can start freelance yoga teaching. For now i have the skill for nail technician. 😀 Its so much better working at home, be your own boss and make better pay 😀

    Joshua Denney

    I do web strategy and design. Made this site, in fact!

    I met Lori (Tiny Buddha founder) and many other future friends and clients via Twitter. No hard sells, just helping, being friendly/myself. Networking has proven itself to be an incredible tool!

    Jim Darling

    I’m a writer … free but without a lance attached. Its tough out there but writers write right?

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