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    The residential treatment facility my family wants me to go to (and I want to go to) costs 37,000 dollars which…is ridiculous and not affordable. They won’t take our insurance because we’re one state over even though our insurance offered an exception claim; it was denied by the facility. The financial aid they offered was only 3,500 dollars. If anyone has experience with this, was there any planning your family did to manage the expense?

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    Dear Lily:

    I don’t have experience with this but seems to me that when a treatment option leads to financial worries and a financial/  mental distress, bringing about more trouble for you, better not pursue it. There has to be a better way, way less expensive.

    No amount of money in the world, not $37,00 nor $3,700,000 can change your core beliefs (addressed in your previous threads). There is a better treatment option for you, and I hope you find it soon.


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