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    Guys, maybe I’m paranoid but I’m feeling lately someone’s done something to me in terms of voodoo etc. Has anyone had any experience of it happening to them ? Or with someone they know ?

    It seems there’s bad luck and negativity everywhere


    Hi Nita,

    I wish I could have replied to you sooner and hope that you will see this anyway.  We all go through times when it seems that the world is against us and nothing works out as we want it to.  If you really feel that someone has wished ill on you, then the thing to do is to send it back to them.  You may not know who it is but that doesn’t matter.  There is a Law in operation that states whatever you give out shall be returned to you.  Just ask for any ill will to be returned to those who sent it.

    With regard to negativity, try and counteract some of this by developing the habit of thinking positively.  Use positive affirmations and speak to others as positively as you can.  Focus on anything good that happens to you – perhaps you just haven’t noticed.  It could be a beautiful flower or a sunset that catches your attention.  Spend time with people who leave you feeling uplifted, watch some comedy that makes you laugh, enjoy learning a new hobby or meeting new people.

    Be the change you want to see and be lucky.

    Best Wishes



    Such occult science  are a part of this word, which was originally invented for some “good reason”, let me explain what i meant about “<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>black magic invented for good reasons</span>” you see according to  many Hindu scriptures there were  many great enlightened sages and yogis who used to meditate and acquire powers to help the mankind forwarding their knowledge’s like “AYURVEDA” ( Science of curing diseases and staying healthy )  ” PATANJALISUTRA” ( Science of keeping your body active and healthy this book is the source of YOGA ) and many more knowledge’s which was passed down by great saints but the process of acquiring this knowledge’s was by meditation and by connecting to the god . But there was “ASURS” ( EVIL Creatures, SAITAN ) who used to bring obstacles to this processes and tried to destroy the focus of the Yogis. After seeing such problems this great Saints, and Yogis invented method to bring obstacles, and trouble to the miscreants and evil Asurs , this was for the betterment for humankind. So such black magic was invented to do wrong with the Evil forces but in current era people are using this for their own selfish endeavor.

    So yes black magic is a part of this world and it does exist but, there are ways to counter it also.

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