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    Alexey Sunly

         You are probably here because you’ve been experiencing a very difficult situation in your life, and now you wish to share your feeling with others. Am I right? Well, I am glad that you decided to make that really very necessary step to a better life for yourself 🙂 And here is the reality! Those of us who work to help people professionally are offering our guidance here completely on volunteer basis and we are very happy do so 🙂 Unfortunately, there are very few of us, and there are so very many people who could use our help, and it makes it very challenging for us to be able to address each and every unique situation.

     So, here is a solution for all of us! 🙂 Feel free to start a new thread about your situation if you wish, but before you do that, please, check this great thread to learn how to help yourself first 🙂 – OVERCOME YOUR DEMONS

    After you read it and apply what you have learned, and if you still have questions, please, check another thread titled: Your Powers WITHIN in the Fun forum. Why Fun forum?? Because the best way to get over tough times is by having FUN with others, of course 😉



    Thank you for your interest in Tiny Buddha! We are all very happy to have you here 🙂

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