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    I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for dealing with what I feel is a toxic work environment. I’ve been unhappy for awhile and am actively looking to make a career change. I plan on quitting my job in July.

    However, how do I deal until then? The drama is driving me crazy. Everything is such a huge deal, people talk about other people, I hear things I know I shouldn’t, etc. I’ve talked to my boss about it a lot and she agrees but she’s part of the problem.

    I already have bad anxiety so this just makes it worse. I try removing myself from situations but sometimes it’s not possible. How do I stay sane for the next few months? I’d leave tomorrow if I could.


    Dear Sam:

    How do you stay sane for the next few months (May, June, part of July)?

    Here is a suggestion: make a Word Document list of all the scenarios (or categories of those) that have been making you feel insane, 1, 2, 3 etc. Include who, what, where. Make the list complete. Look at it before getting to work every morning. Look at it during breaks.

    When a scenarios unfolds, take out your list (hard copy) and find the one on your list: look at what you wrote and observe the scenario at work as it unfolds. If new developments happen, add them to the list (take notes). Mew scenario? Add it to the list.

    This way you are as prepared as you can be and you are a student, no longer a participant or a victim, but a student.



    Hi Sam,

    I am in the same situation with you, but I have to wait until June. Here are some tips that I have done that might be helping you. Pray often, ask your inner self to speak good words and telling you everything will be okay. Find your friends, you will have outside friends or family that are nice and understand what you are going through, spend time with them and don’t lock yourself in the room as it will drive you crazy. Do other focus, find your passion focus on that, it can be build online business, learn new skills and so on. Last but not least, you are going to leave anyway, just don’t speak or think too much, don’t be part of the drama, even if they put you inside the drama, become uninterested in it, only interested in your purpose and goals. This too shall pass.

    I believe you will stay sane in the next few months, and not only that, in July you will also become stronger person because all of those experience you have gone through. You are a beautiful human being that asked for help. You will get help and all the good thing will come to you because of your own effort.

    All the best 🙂


    July is right around the corner. Start your day on a positive note — that will set your mood. Meditate, pray, exercise, something. Negativity breeds negativity so I try to avoid people, when possible that are negative. I only have positive friends and not negative ones that could bring me down. In a work environment you don’t always have that choice, but if you can shield yourself from some of it with your own positive aura starting the day of right, it just may help.

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