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    I need help!! My dad and mom are not supportive of me deciding to follow my dreams and I just feel confused. People are telling me the area i want to pursue(which is in the entertainment industry) is not fit for asian people or that there is no job openings or that I might get a labor job. I’m just so scared I need help! i want to pursue it but I’m just so scared right now because I don’t want to fail….


    I am actually 17 year old Indian girl myself. I personally prefer a more conservative field like doctor, engineer to match my views and lifestyle but that’s just my own story. My advice to you would be to follow your heart but don’t lose your head. At the end of the day, its your decision not your parents because its your life. Don’t let anything hold you back. Make sure you know what each career involves and compare it with your own lifestyle and beliefs and ask yourself, ” Is this right for me?” if the answer is yes then great! You are capable of succeeding in any job, in any field in life. But not if you don’t enjoy doing it. I think its also important to remember that it is possible to be very well known but not famous for something. Like if you run a successful business then you might be well known and famous but not in a celeb kind of way. Another thing is that while power comes with fame, there is such a thing as fame without power and power without fame.

    So follow your dreams and follow your heart but make sure you don’t lose your head. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.


    If you truly want to do it, then do it! If it doesn’t work out, what is stopping you from trying something else or trying your parents suggestion afterwards?


    I know how you feel man. I’m 18 too and I want to get into a field that also has its risks. My parents were totally against it but I’m still going for it. They way I look at it: why waste our lives doing something we don’t like? Yeah, maybe it’ll be a bit harder to get a job and its scary but its something we love! When we are doing something we love, we are automatically more confident. We also tend to work a lot harder and excel greatly so we will go far. You just need to believe in yourself and know trust yourself. Fear is something we can’t run away from but fear is in our heads, it’s just a thought. The thought of failing…is just a thought. Not real. So just remove that thought and replace it with confidence. 🙂 sounds difficult but it can be done 😀 don’t doubt yourself and don’t over think it! Just trust in the universe and in yourself 🙂 things will work out.

    Carissa DeMates

    Hang in there! I was just 18 when I was on my own. Had 200 dollars in pocket, a car, and a dream. I am now 20 1/2 and my life has changed drastically. Just know that know matter how rough it is your family will always take you in. People will always be there to help you. Follow your dreams and make them happen. If you keep positive thoughts you can do anything no matter the age. This is the age to take the world by two hands, which may be scary but you are in control.


    I had this before.

    For most of my life I had doubted myself. I’ve been depressed for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a family who encourage self doubt as a result until I turned 20 I was still living with them with a constant voice in my head that says “don’t fool yourself you can’t do it”. I could not get a job because after I was denied once, I had quit, thinking it affirms what the voice in my head was saying. I wanted to get the best education possible, but just like my job search I had given up before progress can be seen.

    Last year I decided to abandon all of that. I told myself if this is all life has to offer me then I might as well die trying to get out of it. So I moved out of my parents house, attended the best community college there is in United States(#1 City College Santa Barbara City College) and decided to start my journey from the very start. I have no money nor support from my parents I just tackled life head on.

    It was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I had found so much more meaning in my life. I wake up every single day with overwhelming drive to achieve my goals. Fast forward to today one year later, I currently have a 4.0 GPA, starting my own blog site, and developed very strong relationships I had never had. I will soon have a job and be able to support myself independently. But most important of all, the voice in my head that says “I can’t do it”, have been replaced with “I can, and I will”.

    I will be homeless over this summer because it’s summer vacation and there is no financial aid over the summer but to me it’s all okay. I know that this will only be temporary and I will get through it no matter what I have to go through. I know my dreams will eventually come true.

    The point is to trust yourself. Have your vision so clear nothing can stop you. Guess what, in the end its your life and if you cant achieve your dreams then what is the point of living. It is better to know you went out there in the field and failed rather than being safe in your shelter never facing your fears.

    You say you don’t want to fail is a foolish thought. Know that you will fail, you will fail over and over again but you know what-that is why you will succeed. It is ok to feel fear of failure and it sure is ok to experience it but it is never ok to let it beat you.

    I wish you the best my friend, remember to go after your dreams with full force and don’t let anything stray you away from it. Do that and success is not a probability but a certainty.



    Follow what you want to do, go for your dreams, you may not quite get what you expected but you may end up with something even better. If you give it a go you’ll never be able to regret not trying. I’m 20 and have always been expected to be a teacher, I’ve always had people who expected me to do well at school and expected me to be able to cope on my own. Now I’m older I know that I don’t want to do that and the pressure has built up so much that I’m now depressed and can’t cope with life. I’ve had to give up uni (teacher training) and move back home and I can’t hold down a proper job.

    So I’m currently the exact opposite of what eveyone expected of me because it isn’t right for me. Everyone will be fine with it, I’m not going to give them any other option, it’s my life and I’m going to make the decisions.

    I’m not saying that you are in exactly the same circumstance or that the same would happen to you. But if I could change something, I would’ve given me the courage to stand up and do what I want, whether it makes my parents happy or not- it’s you that has to live with it and be happy from what you are doing not them.

    Good luck and go for it!


    take courage….it is easier said than done but keep at it. when i was younger i was very courageous..now that i am on my own at 42 i feel im losing courage


    You are strong to have gone out and pursued a dream that most people do not pursue. Do not underestimate yourself PLEASE!!! You made the biggest step of following dreams. Youre gonna struggle a bit, but the feeling of doing what you love will outweigh the doubt and fear. Pursue it and jump in with both feet. You have the drive.

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