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    Amber Rose

    Hello all,

    Recently I have been binge eating during my exams and I am trying to get in to a routine where I stop this. Before my exams I used to eat really healthily, and one year ago my brother had anorexia so it has changed my mindset around food. I am starting to have weird obsessions with it and one minute I’m going raw vegan, the next I just want to eat fruits and vegetables…. I don’t know what to do. I’m also really negative most days and would class myself as a perfectionist 🙁



    Dear Amber Rose:

    When we suffer from anxiety, eating habits are first to be affected, for so many of us. Maybe for most people. Maybe all. From losing one’s appetite at times of extreme, intense anxiety, feeling like throwing up, to overeating, binge eating (over eating a whole lot in a short period of time), to purposefully restricting, to.. when anorexic, feeling intense anxiety at the thought of gaining any weight, seeing one’s body as overweight when it is not..  I experienced all these things. One … imperfect solution I came up with to my overeating problem is choosing to overeat lettuce, carrots and other vegetables… low calorie food. Reason it is not a perfect solution is because of the bloating problem those other vegetables cause.

    Another solution, better one I came up with is not having at home the food you don’t want to overeat. Simply not having it available or accessible at home.

    Maybe you can study for your exams in a library where food is not allowed?




    Hello Amber Rose,

    You say you are bingeing around exams, and that you classify yourself as a perfectionist and can be negative.  One way to change your habit is to be aware that you are, in fact, eating due to stress.  Do you recognize when you eat simply because you are hungry?  Or when you are bored?  Or when something just really looks good to eat?  When you recognize you are feeling anxious, try substituting another habit (better habit) instead of reaching for food.  This could be something like making a cup of tea, and sipping it while you work through difficult material, get up to stretch, or spend 60 seconds coloring – I have an adult coloring page-a-day calendar I will go to sometimes when I am trying to work through something stressful.  As Anita suggested, if you need to binge, binge on low calorie foods.

    Lastly, I would recommend that you be forgiving of yourself if you do binge.  As a perfectionist, I imagine you place inordinate stress on yourself as it is, which increases exponentially when you have exams and other results-oriented tasks.




    No better idea on this. Sorry mate.

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