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    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>2020/2021 has been a stressful time for me, and the problems have now extended into my relationship. I had dated a girl for around a year and everything seemed to go well. However, earlier this year we broke it off due to events going on in our lives. But we agreed to remain friends. But it seemed like our friendship went down hill. We kept in close touch on social media platforms like snap chat and Instagram, but kindness started to turn to shorter ruder messages between us. The toxicity started to spread and we hadn’t talked in two months as of today. I love this girl, but today I realized the worrying over our relationship was causing me to lose sleep etc. I decided to remove her from all social media. However, I’m really hurting with this decision. I still love her, and I feel, from the signs I saw, that the feelings were mutual. I’m not sure if I made the right decision. Should I wait to see if she contacts me? Was blocking her so sudden a idiotic decision? Should I reach out in a few weeks? After I had posted some pictures from a vacation (not related to her), she was constantly posting pictures of her and a guy friend which just seemed to add to the awkwardness of the situation. </span></p>


    Dear Bob256:

    Would you like to share anything about the relationship you had with this woman, what was there, what wasn’t, what were the “events going on” that led to the break up?



    Dear Bob256,

    if your friendship went downhill and “toxicity started to spread” since you’ve broken up, it most probably means there’s a resentment about the breakup, either on her side or on both sides. If you noticed she’s started being rude to you, that would be the sign that she resents you about something. Do you think that’s possible? How about you – do you resent her about something?

    Canadian Eagle

    Generally when couples break up, they break up for a good reason. As they say let them go free and if they really loved you they will come back. Before social media a break up meant exactly that, with zero contact . Now with social media you can hold on tight by checking up constantly . I suggest you have no contact for over a year and then call to ask for a coffee, basically reset the relationship , give it a second chance as both of you will have learnt and matured.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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