Boston Marathon 2014

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    Great idea Lori and thank you for pointing me to this forum.

    I ran a marathon in 2010 and was sent the wrong way by a cop doing traffic (this will come back to be funny in a moment) so I ended up running 28 instead of 26.2 miles (and still set a personal record.)

    For the past 3 years I have been running 100 mile ultramarathons (covering 100 miles on foot…nonstop) sometimes running for 29 hours straight. Recently I have been feeling led to run for a reason and/or a cause. (Here comes the cop part that is funny)

    I was just invited to the Boston marathon by Cops For Kids With Cancer. I believe the charity has a great mission and vision as well as the staff is all volunteer so all donations go directly to the families affected. With this being the year after the bombing I really want to make an impact on the lives involved in this charity.

    Please if you feel led go to my link and make a donation as well as share it within your circle of influence. Additionally, I have added my athlete facebook page for you to communicate directly.

    Thank you,




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