Can I move on from a betrayal without forgiveness?

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    Hi Sagged,

    Some things are easier to forgive than others. The trouble with forgiving some things is that we won’t learn anything from it. Personally I would not forgive this. That said at times unbeknownst to ourselves we actually need to forgive ourselves. When things like this happen we sort of go hard on ourselves. You need to forget this, forget the wasted time (it wasn’t really wasted because it actually made you stronger and wiser) and look ahead not back. Set some new goals etc. Most importantly look up to the sky and thank god that you are rid of this. There’s no book, course or even person going to change this for you (that doesn’t mean they’re not of value) but you can and should. So forget as best you can. With time things heal but only when you let them go fully.


    Hi Sagged,

    How unfortunate that you crossed paths with this woman, but how fortunate that you’re now free of her! And the lessons you’ve learned along the way are invaluable. So much excellent advice already given, so I’ll reiterate…Wake up each morning looking forward, not backward. You’re a decent guy with so much to look forward to. I’m excited about your future!


    PS Welcome back Helcat! 😊


    Hi Saggad!

    I’m glad that you found all of our messages helpful and know what you need to do now.

    Ah right, so you were angry at yourself for not being able to forgive. I hope that you aren’t now? Feeling that you wanted to forgive but can’t quite get there just speaks to your character. Perhaps forgiveness will occur naturally in time? You do have a beautiful heart! Wanting to forgive is perhaps more than she deserves right now. For now, perhaps simply wanting to forgive is enough? I do hope that your pain over this situation eases a little every day.

    For people who have deeply wronged me after a long time and a lot of healing. I found that I can pray for them and hope that they learn from their mistakes and become better people and that they are guided on this journey. This is as much forgiveness as I can achieve.

    P.S. Thanks for the warm welcome Brandy! Nice to be back 😊 It certainly made me chuckle when Tee and I wrote and posted similar replies at the exact same time.

    Wishing ya’ll all the best! 🙏


    Thank you for your encouraging words Bill, Brandy and Helcat. I already started my journey to move on and let it go and accepting the fact that forced forgiveness is not the way to go for now. Looking for future opportunities and letting the past be just a lession and not a chain.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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