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    Your therapist is not your buddy.  If he is not working for you then you are doing yourself a disservice.  It’s good that you are hearing things here that we said from your therapist as well.

    My understanding therapists don’t hold the client accountable about making positive steps (e.g. doing your “homework”) which life coaches do.

    It sounds like you have the tools now.  Is it a matter of practicing them?  It sounds like you have gotten all you can from your therapist insofar as any information you need to make positive changes.  It is more up to you to take those steps.

    I know that for some people, they think they are working on themselves if they keep their regular therapy appointment.  The real work is done outside the office, on your own.  It is more than just showing up at his office.



    Dear Jim:

    You are welcome and do post again, any time you’d like. Looking forward to read from you again.

    Note: I didn’t open that link you provided earlier (I no longer open links), so if you can, will you in a few sentences state what that article claims to be true regarding newborns and attachment to the biological parent/s?


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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