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    I did my bachelors in Human resources thinking that I like working with people and hopefully will give back to society by helping people. Somehow,never got chance to experience it and did not get stable jobs. Its been three years for me and still struggling with my job search. But now feel like pursing something else or go back to school. I know that I like helping people. Phycology is one area which has always fascinated me but then I dont know if I can listen to someone’s problems everyday as I am very emotional person and not that strong. I want stability in career and also something I like. I feel so torn as part of me wants to make rational decision but heart wants to take a chance and go social/ phyc route. I am not sure why I am so confused. I guess my biggest fear is to find stability after my masters degree. Counselling is not something I am sure of but may be there are other routes through which I can serve back? or help people? May be if I study IT/healthcare I will find jobs but idk if I will be happy.The ultimate goal in life is to be happy with what we do.

    I feel I have wasted three years. and now cant waste more time.I hope to make best decisions. I am willing to help and volunteer even if I dont do that through my career. I just want to move on and not be stagnant anymore as I have been for past three years.I want to get over this feeling of bring torn. This feeling of thinking practically and then also be emotional on same side. I guess I need to find my passion.. Help me make the right decision.




    I am actually going through something similar. Feeling as though I’ve hit 30 and have just now discovered my passion. I think you should write out a list of everything you want in a career, and meditate/chant about the things that you desire and the strength to go after them without giving up. If you think you would enjoy counseling, don’t talk yourself out of it by saying that you’re not that strong. Chant/meditate/pray for the strength to get through it. You can also find a network of others in the profession who can give you some tips on how to deal with your emotions within the counseling field. But don’t give up by saying that you aren’t cut out for it. Don’t limit yourself.
    Write out your list, and research different positions on google that would allow you to have those things. For example, I am a Criminal Researcher. I enjoy my job, but I want my job to have more meaning. Now my goal is to screen volunteers and non profit employees to protect their businesses and vulnerable populations.
    If you wish to give back, maybe you can spend some of your time volunteering at particular agencies that spark your interest and see what types of careers are available there. It’s a start! Good luck to you 🙂

    C. R. Smith

    Hi Parul!

    I may be the absolute worst person to give advice on this subject as I am 48 and am still looking for my right career! However, you and I have similar interests , and perhaps something I have to say will make you think.

    1 – We have the power to help others in any job by the way we do our work with pride and honor and by the way we treat our coworkers and customers. Truly giving to others is a matter of who you are, not what you do.
    2 – No job is going to be 100% perfect! Often we feel that if only I can find the right job, I will be 100% happy! It’s not true! No job will make you totally happy. Shoot for something that feels like at least 60% of the time you will be enjoying your daily tasks. Also, being so obsessed with finding the perfect job is pretty much the opposite of living with acceptance and gratitude.
    3 – I actually earned my master’s degree in counseling. I really thought I wanted to be a counselor, but I found out that good counselors make connections with others easily, and that is not me. I only truly connect with a very few people, and the clients I worked with sensed this. I also realized that what drew me to counseling was probably more a desire to understand and heal myself than really help others. I wanted to help others, but when it came to being in a room with someone I could not relate to, it just didn’t work. That being said, studying counseling has helped me understand people a lot better, which has helped me in my other pursuits. Of course, you might be someone who connects easily with others. If so, this may be the career for you!
    4 – We can never know for sure which path is the best path for us. We can quiet our mind, try to be 100% honest with ourselves, but in the end making a choice will always involve some risk. At some point you have to say, I feel good about this and I’m going to go for it even though I’m not 100% sure! If you end up less happy than you had hoped to be, perhaps you felt drawn to the choice because you needed to learn something from it that will eventually take you to your place of peace.
    5 – Some things you might want to consider as you explore your options more:
    What is it about me that prevented me from finding a fulfilling job in human resources? Is just switching careers the answer, or do I need to learn something from my HR experience first?
    What daily tasks does the career I’m considering involve? Is this really how I want to spend 40 hours per week?
    What has always come naturally to me in life? What activities in life seem to bring me the most joy? Does my career choice involve these things?

    Maybe some of these ideas will help you. I hope so!

    One more idea: Did you consider finding a job in employee wellness? Perhaps in a job like that you could use your existing degree and still help people.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your own experience.I am actually considered to be an introvert by lot of people. I don’t connect with lot of people on day to day basis or I would say haven’t found my people yet.. But I like around people and sharing and listening their views.. Also I like working with people rather than numbers.. I am not sure why but have always been drawn towards counselling..I agree with you that no job is perfect and I can always help people where I am.. But I feel culture and people matters a lot to me.. After experiencing trauma of corporate world,, I am not sure if it is for me.. I cant be mean and bitchy to people.

    Thanks again for your advice.. I will look into employee wellness..

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