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    I have recently started a new career in a different industry and feel totally lost. I am replacing a women who has done the job for over 25 years. she is still at the factory but in another role to expand her future job. I have been there just over 2 months struggling with her and her lack of wanting to train me in her old position. On the first day she stated she was very busy and didn’t have time for me etc etc. I think i have had a total of 8 hours of her time and to her that’s too many. How am I to do the job if I don’t know the job and when she is with me its comments like, I showed you this on the first day, I can see you don’t understand, I’ll,see you at noon but shows up at 3.30. Nothing is written down with position, no handbook, no notes just all in her head. I am taking notes and written a small book of procedures to try and understand but I still don’t get it . She came to me today and stated I need to do another task and spent a total of 1.5 hrs with me, I stated I don’t get it and she said yes you seem not to understand anything I teach you. She also stated she was training someone and it took awhile because they don’t get it!!!! On leaving she started she is now on vacation for two weeks and I need this task finished by end of October or factory can’t function. I feel lost and rejected in a way I seem to me set up to fail and the other staff around me know some of the job and when I ask for help I get the answer I don’t know but I have now found out they have done this role and do know the answers but just won’t help. I don’t want to give up and let them win but don’t want to hung out to dry when or if i don’t complete this task. What can I do to survive? I want to prove to her I am a very capable person. I can learn but she can’t teach and or doesn’t want too. Help..


    I feel for you Trixie. It’s an unenviable position to be in. I have been there a few times. Training is never ideal is it. I am slow to catch on anything with a long process. “first this, then do this, then do that, and then do this”. Not too mention dumb with my hands and inefficient which bosses hate. Your trainer sounds awful and you have my profound sympathy. Weigh up whether to quit or not.Any positives? Anyone you can become an ally with? Do you like the tasks you are expected to do?

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    Dear Trixie:

    You want to prove that woman that you are capable. Maybe the wrong motivation, as in trying to please her when she is not for you but against you. What if you stop completely trying to prove anything to her.

    That is all I can come up with this evening.



    Hi Trixie,

    Of course everyone hopes you do fail! This is passive aggressiveness at its worst. They want the factory and thus the business to fail even if it means it will affect their bread and butter!

    You can do two things:

    One is to document when you met with her and what times (even to the best of your recollection!!), how long she met with you and what she taught/showed you. Have a lot of question marks ~ where you don’t know the answers or protocol. Same with other people. The boss or factory head will see the passive aggressiveness and that it’s affecting business!

    The other thing is to make friends with at least one other person at the place ~ who can help you. Take them out for coffee/lunch/have them over. Don’t talk about business. But when you need help, ask them. Next month have them over/take them out again.



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