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    I have recently realized how much time I wasted being serious and trying to seek peace and happiness. I turned my journey into military school and it quickly went sour.
    I had to break down to realize how much pressure I was putting on myself and in a moment of clarity I thought ” delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your hear.” I have been practicing being carefree. It is kinda hard we are taught to care about everything or maybe a better way to put it is to control it. Does anyone have any advice on how the get there mind of the worries of the world ??



    What you’re saying makes sense to me, and letting go is pretty helpful. Rather than carefree, perhaps “remaining present”. Sure, we try to help others, share love, put a roof over our head and so forth, but the more we can remain awake to what’s around us (instead of having fantasy conversations in our head) the more nourished we become, the better we actually do in the conversations when we’re having them!

    It reminds me of a zen joke:

    Three students are bragging about their masters on the shore of a river. The first student says “my master is so developed that he can meditate a week without eating”. The second one says “my master is so developed he can meditate a week without sleeping”. The third says “my master is so developed he eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when he’s tired.”

    With warmth,


    The dictionary definition of “carefree” is “free of worries and responsibilities”. So if you have responsibilities and worries are you supposed to just drop them? That’s a little extreme, right? I think that it’s absolutely okay to have responsibilities and worries. Everyone on Earth has worries and responsibilities unless they’re children or perhaps happily retired elderly folks. It’s the extent to which you think about them that is the problem you may want to address. Excessive worries can lead to emotional trouble and anxiety. Excessive responsibilities can lead to stress and anxiety. Worrying about worrying and worrying about responsibilities also cause emotional trouble, stress, and anxiety. If you want to be less anxious or stressed out, then it’s very important to find ways of expressing these feelings. Try exercising and sleeping right. It really helps. Try writing your thoughts down if you have constant thoughts. Meditate or find your own personal form of meditation like a hobby or something. Remaining in the present like Matt said can be extremely helpful even if you start by only being in the present for 5 seconds a day. Also, Matt touched on something important with his zen joke: humor helps us get through rough times and stress because it makes light of stressful situations. Watch comedy or hang out with friends who you laugh together with. You might find your stress eased even a little just by cracking a smile.
    You mentioned that you were putting a lot of pressure on yourself in your life, which led you to attempt to be “carefree” but I think that attempting to be completely carefree is still putting pressure on yourself. Even millionaires have certain responsibilities or worries that may come up from time to time (in fact, having a lot of money may not always be less stressful). Involve yourself in healthy activities, even if it’s just exercising at home, writing down thoughts, or reading books. It seems you already understand what’s stressing you out so you’re already taking a step in the right direction! Good luck! It only gets better from here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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