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    Hello Dear Tiny Buddha Community,

    I am SO excited to be sharing with you a creative dharma project that I’ve been working on for the last year!

    Venus and Her Fly Trip is a children’s book series for ages 4-10 that reflects the power of kids to be wise, loving and kind. The books have been developed in collaboration with a team of therapists, healers, teachers and parents and contain practical tools and resources that support the growth of self-esteem, compassion and imagination in kids with the ultimate goal of preventing self-hatred (a concept that his His Holiness the Dalai Lama found “very, very strange”).

    Through the adventures of Venus, kids and families will also learn about important dharma concepts including bodhicitta, loving-kindness, mindfulness, and tonglen among others. In crafting the children’s stories we were inspired by Lama Zopa’s statement that “Even a thief needs mindfulness.”, and a clear goal of the project is to cultivate in children the power of positive intention (bodhicitta!) alongside the method of mindfulness.

    If you would be open to supporting this project, please consider making a donation through our Kickstarter page and also forwarding this announcement to your friends, colleagues and loved ones!

    Here’s a link to the campaign:

    We cannot make this project a reality without the support of our dear community. Every pledge is a step closer to relieving the suffering of children and families in this degenerate time.

    With sincere gratitude and lots of love,


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