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    Sometimes, I feel that I am too clingy to my female friend. I enjoyed her company, enjoyed having conversation with her, I will text her everyday but recently she hasn’t been replying much. It led me to be thinking whether I am being too clingy?




    Hi JHK,

    I responded to one of your other posts but would like to add something here too. Knowing when to give people space is important. How balanced is your life outside this relationship – do you have other close friends/family you regularly talk to as well? If you are feeling insecure about the lack of replies from her, consider why you feel so.

    Friendships & relationships go through different phases, the best friendships are those you can pick up after years and still talk like it was yesterday, despite not having been in touch for a while. It may be she is simply busy right now, or that she doesn’t have much to say or it may be she wants some space,or many other such reasons –  there is no way of knowing without asking her. And it doesn’t matter – what I’d suggest you focus on is why it makes you feel insecure/worried about being clingy. Perhaps spend time talking to others, doing other activities so that not all your time/attention is focused on her – it’s important to have balance in your life and will reduce your concern and dependency on her replies or lack of.



    I brought up the topic and she told me that I was kinda of clingy because she enjoy alone time. I also asked her if my clingy is bad and she said if she doesn’t reply, it is bad. But I did explained to her the reason. Because I enjoy having a conversation with her, perhaps with recent months of bickering, her interest in having conversation with me has reduced.

    Maybe I should have given her some space because I felt that I am being too possessive in a indirect manner

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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