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    never thought i would end up lost like this. i know it must sound cliche of me to be saying all of this but i just really am stuck in life.. i think about how useless my life is at least 2-3 times a day. i have no idea what i want to do or even what im doing now.. i honestly dont know my purpose being here. its a terrible feeling that im constantly waking up to everyday. i sit there and think to myself ” what am i doing here”. my parents arent around for support or to talk about anything, ever since they separated its just been me, myself, and i. how do i find a purpose… how do i even find a college major. my biggest problem is the fact im stuck at home going to a community college with no friends here.. im miserable and depressed, i no longer leave my house. i just no longer know what to do….


    HI ellen,
    sorry to hear that your parents are separated and you’re having a hard time. Im not sure how if a certain incident made you feel this way or if it was a series of events that led you to feeling lost. the time we spend between the age of 15-30 is riddled with problems and confusions so you’re definitely not alone. Having said that – happiness and depression, success and failiure are transient and cyclical in nature. nothing stays constant – therefore this feeling of being lost will pass 🙂

    I would suggest that you do take measures to be proactive about finding purpose and seeking happiness – start with small things. make a list of interests and things that make you feel happy and good about yourself – they don’t have to be big things – it can be small things like – the smell of fresh grass, or hot coffee or even taking a walk by yourself in the sun or just watching some feel good movies. ( these seem small but you can expand from there – baby steps ! )

    It might help to make a list of all the good memories you have and recall them in as much detail as you can – our minds doesnt discriminate between real and synthesized experiences. if thinking about something positive from the past makes you happy then you will be in a better state of mind – almost as if you have just experienced it.

    once you are in a better state of mind you will be in a better position to deal with the challenges of your life. I used to think that happiness, purpose and direction are unrelated things and are external phenomenon but ive come to realize through personal experience that happiness and security come from within. if you practice positive thinking – and you have to keep at it – things will turnaround and you will be able to find the solutions to your own problems. being in a negative state of mind attracts more negative people and feelings of uselessness into you life. The best think to do is to work on being a happier you 🙂

    here is some fun reading –

    hope this helped 🙂 and hang in there <3


    Feeling lost is an occurrence I believe happens to near everyone. Finding a meaning or purpose is difficult when at that stage. I remember it quite well. However, your seeking for help implies that innately you believe or want to believe that there’s something out there that makes life worth living; worth experiencing.

    First, I definitely urge you to heed everything sugarcoated stated. It’s all truly wonderful advice, especially the baby steps part. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. I will simply add for you to keep your mind open at this point. It’s important that you allow yourself to be exposed to as much as possible. Don’t shut anything out. Meaning, purpose, inspiration, all these things come in various forms and sizes so please keep observant.

    Second, I advise that you read, watch, listen to as many books, films, shows, podcasts and such on meaning and purpose as time allows you to and allow yourself to dwell on their teachings/messages/guidance. Perhaps, even try to have conversations with older people. They may have some insight for you. And please remember to put effort into it. If it’s important to you to find purpose, then you’ll work hard.

    To steal the words of sugarcoated: hang in there! And from me: don’t give up!

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