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    Good afternoon all, I am currently a honors student at Georgia Highlands College, outside of Atlanta, GA majoring in Health Science in hopes of pursuing becoming a Physician’s Assistant. I am currently taking a cultural diversity class in healthcare were I am to engage in a culture different than my own and interview individuals within this community. I have currently been taking classes online with Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta and becoming to love the philosophies and aspects of Buddhism and learning more each and every day. Currently I am needing to interview an individual from the community with the following questions:

    1. Have the person tell a little bit about themselves (age, marital status, # of children, etc)
    2. Where were they born?
    3. What is their education?
    4. What is their occupation?
    5. What are some of needs you feel would help benefit the Buddhist community as well as yourself if these were made available to you. This can be community resources, health, education etc.?
    6. What are some of the challenges faced you have faced in society or in a healthcare setting. Are there certain prejudices you have faced or received different treatment based on your beliefs? (both individual and community)
    7. How did you become a Buddhist?
    8. How do you view health and illness?
    9. What are some key principles you live by?
    10.  My last question is how has Buddhism affected your life?

    Anyone who is interested to comment and help is welcome and is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time.


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    Hi Kristina

    Just letting you know that tinybuddha isn’t necessarily a site devoted to Buddhist philosophy. It’s self-help website with a dash of spirituality.

    There may be some Buddhist members. But I’m really not sure how many.


    You sure do ask a lot of questions. And, you haven’t even bought me a cup of coffee!! Sorry, guess we aren’t trying to get to know each other. You just want to fill out your statistical forms and answer your questions. Doubt if many will answer your questions. Sorry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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