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    I’m looking for some thoughts on some personal practices to grow in spirituality. Specifically, I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to describe their practices of meditating, how you seek to eliminate suffering, and growing in mindfulness. Forgive me if there is overlap here. Any input is appreciated.


    Dear Jeremy:

    About meditation and mindfulness- there is a massive amount of online/ book information about that, including on the home page of this website (under BLOG at the top).

    Many books and whole religions have been created so to answer your question about how to eliminate suffering. Maybe I can give you an individual answer (suggestions, more likely) in regard to your individual suffering. Would you like to share about it?



    Hello Jeremy


    I would recommend saying one nice sentence to yourself, Start with saying it 3 times a day.

    Morning, Noon & night this will teach you to see your worth in how amazing you really are

    It could be a complement, accepting where your at, you choose

    but what you will find is it will be similar to planting a seed in the ground

    like a orange or a apple or even a sunflower, so if we water the seed. take care or it and be soft and patient the seed will grow

    now image doing this for 6 months how much the seed will grow but the best part is the harvest so we try this beautiful fruit


    we eat it and appreciate it   however even better, Think of how many more amazing seeds you have now

    for the example taking the sunflower you planted one seed and now come harvest you have 30 more seeds to sow

    think how simple yet powerful this is, anyways hope this finds you well


    “You must try a bitter piece of fruit before you can appreciate  a sweet one”





    thank you!

    do you use mala during meditation?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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