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    So today I have an audition for my dance team, I’m already on the team, but I have to re-tryout. So I’m a strong contemporary dancer, but last year was one of my first times doing hip-hop and it was a struggle, I’m glad I did it though because i think I’ve grown, whenever I freestyle at home I get really into it. I don’t think I’m that bad, the only thing is that during class i think i get in my head. I have trouble transferring what i do at home to the dance room. So my team consists of all these really cool girls, they are really good and then there’s me and like 3 other girls who are ok but i feel like we still lack. This year we have a new teacher and she’s harder, she’s making us re-tryout, and I’m freaking out, I know they’re going to make us freestyle. My teacher said she’s looking for strong dancers who can vibe with each other. I just want something to boost me up. The judging panel will be old students who are now professional dancers. I’m really worried, i just want to give it my all but how should i present myself? Whenever i dance i just feel like i look like this awkward white girl.. ugh help


    Dear Rose:

    You are afraid to fail the re-tryout, correct? It may help you to accept the possibility that you will fail. After all, it is a real life possibility. Imagine that you will fail, and then imagine your life after, after that failure. Imagine what you will be doing after that failure, your life going on.

    Then do your best, knowing success will be nice, but failure is not the end of the world for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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