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    Hi all,

    I have just recently joined tiny buddha and thought I would make a post as I'm having quite a hard time. I've been quite depressed for over a year now and never thought it would go on this long, I always thought someday it would just be completely out of my system. I'm in high school and have a very supportive family and we have tried so many things… natural medicine, and now I have been on medication for about 3 months. It took a while for me to notice any differences but I recently had a really good few weeks and was feeling probably the most normal I had in a while. But then suddenly I feel so crap again. Scary thoughts are taking over and I feel so sad and weighted and out of control. I know I can feel better again and I'm just waiting to get an appointment with my new therapist but it's so hard keeping hope! I have tiny moments during my day where I tell myself it will all be ok but its so hard. Can anyone relate or give me some motivation or advice? does anyone have any knowledge on exercise beating depression in their own experience? Thank you and I hope to receive some responses?! x x



    Hi Alba,

    I'm sorry to hear you are in a spell of depression, but glad to hear you have a supportive family to help you though this.

    I have had periods of real depression too, and the meds helped a lot. I was told that I would probably need to be on them for over six months or longer before I saw any real difference, and that turned out to be true in my case. Having a counsellor/therapist also helped an awful lot.

    Hang on in there. Try this whenever those scary thoughts start coming. Just breathe. Concentrate on your breathing, hear the sound of the air going in and out of your lungs, feel them expand and contract, think totally about breathing. This might just push those thoughts away.

    Try to avoid any tv overload.. don't watch violent or nasty movies or series. Try lighthearted stuff, like quiz shows, nature shows, light-hearted movies and so on, stay away from the scary stuff. And the same goes for any games you play on the pc or x-box for example.

    Get enough sleep! I know it's hard when thoughts are crowding in… no internet- or pc-related activity for at least an hour before your normal bedtime, as this makes your brain active rather than going into a relaxed mode ready for rest.

    Physical exercise is good too. It releases those feel-good endorphines which chase away the blues all on their own. Try to get out for a walk for an hour every day, and have a good old dance to your favourite dance songs. It all helps to life the mood.

    I hope I have helped.



    Adam Cogbill

    Hi Alba, I understand that you are going though hard times right now. The best piece of advice I can give you is to understand that what you are going through is not permanent. I myself go through stages where I feel disconnecting to the world. The beauty of life is that your situation could change in an instant! Life is unpredictable, tomorrow you could quite literally have the best day of your life. The future holds endless possibility that can only be discovered one day at a time. So I challenge you to seek out this endless possibility by living in the moment. Life is full of hurdles and challenges that will test you Alba. However, through these hurdles you will become stronger and more wise. Release yourself to the world and don't try to control the ride of life. Once you meet with your therapist I know that you will find a blend of medicine that will work for you. Every day from now on will bring you one step closer to the person you want to be. Rome wasn't built in a day! Stay strong Alba I know that the universe will reward you eventually.



    anjum niklo

    Dear alba

    What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger . I've been at your place and I can vouch for this qyoye.

    What you need to do is take one day at a time No matter how good or bad it is .

    Stop trying to fix anything.  Stop trying to change the way you feel.  Accept your feelings and condition .

    The resistance create more misery than the condition itself.

    I would suggest you to read ” at last a life ” by Paul David.  Not only suggest  I insist . This book changed my whole perspective about anxiety and depression. I can say I'm much better place now and more empowered.

    I got a free Pdf of this book from some source I don't remember but you can buy it online , buy it from Amazon,  read the blog -anxiety no more UK by Paul David.  Join the Facebook group.

    It has helped me immensely and I wish everyone should get the benefit.

    It's not a miracle book , You read and you recovery but it makes the journey very different and worthy.

    It empowers you greatly.

    Wish you a very happy days ahead


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