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    So I’m not sure if you would call this a philosophy, worldview, or what but just read because it’s an interesting thought I came up with when I was laying on the floor.

    Are you the only sentient being? How do you know that your family, friends, or other humans are sentient, and only react to the actions of you, which then react to them who reacted to you, and so on. The best way to paralell this would be to view life as a single-player video game, where you are the only one in control of your actions, and every thing else is just programmed. If this is the case, literally the universe revolves around you. A fundamental belief in epistemology is we cannot know anything/prove anything to be true. We also cannot prove something is false (Burden of Proof).

    What if I (I being the one reading this) am the only one who’s conscience and aware, and everyone else is basically just a robot, reacting to my actions? I cannot be in someone’s head, and know their thought process, and even if I could, who’s to say it isn’t just a programmed way of thinking and not just pure ability to make actions for themselves?

    Something to think about, for sure. Any thoughts?

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