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    I’ll try to make this a long story short. Basically, I am a 22 year old female who attended her first semester of college back in 2012. I went to that institution for 2 years while majoring in Health Science to become a Physician Assistant. After much thought, I decided that career wasn’t for me, nor was the college I was attending. I took the semester off, and I suppose out of fear of never finishing my education, I re-enrolled myself back into that institution and majored in something else. That only lasted for a semester before I made the permanent decision to come back home.

    It has been two years that I have not been in school. I have been working PT since taking a hiatus and trying to figure out my life. I foolishly have not saved a single penny from working (which could have potentially helped me get back into schooling). There is a college closer to my home that I was planning on attending in the Spring. I met with my advisor, we discussed which classes I should take for my major (which, by the way, is something I feel 10x more confident in pursuing), and I applied for loans and whatnot.

    I called the school today to see my status on the loans, and once I discussed to my father that we would have to pay out of pocket roughly $1k every month, he insisted that it was too much. My father is retired, and while my mother is still working, we just simply don’t make as much money as we use to. I am a dependent student and therefore have to rely on my parents to pay for the remaining tuition. So essentially, I was very excited to be going back to school to pursue something I love and then got shot down today all because of money issues, which I understand…but it still hurts nevertheless. I feel like I’m never going to finish school at this rate because I keep getting let down and finishing college and earning a degree is something I am incredibly passionate about.

    I know college is not for everyone, but it is most certainly a part of my life goals. I just don’t know what to do. I cried for a good 10 minutes today in my chair feeling defeated. I just need some comfort, advice, anything to make me feel better. Thank you.


    I can’t give financial advice, but the good news is that you’ve got something more powerful than money: a purpose. You don’t just want that career as a way to make money, right? You want to help people. Start by finding ways to help people who are in need that don’t require money. Even the part-time job that you have could be a way to help make the world better if you have the right frame of mind. Redefine your job, at least in your own mind. Get every bit of spiritual satisfaction out of it that you can. If time permits, volunteer.

    Another thing you can do is work against the injustice of high education costs. There are a lot of young people just like you: some struggling under mountains of debt, others who can’t even take that debt on. There is strength in numbers, and I have faith that those numbers will eventually make a difference. Look online for organizations who are taking action against the high cost of education and find out how you can get involved. Education should not be a luxury, but a right to all who are bright enough and dedicated enough. Know that we are with you.

    In the long term, search for good educational values. There are some inexpensive schools with really dynamite professors.

    Last but not least, read. Keep an active mind. You may even find a new niche – something else to be passionate about, some other way to make your mark.


    Thank you so much for your advice, UnconditionalPeace. That truly brought me a lot of comfort during this tough time for me. I will take your advice and start shifting my mindset, look for time to volunteer, and read more (which I enjoy doing to begin with).


    Dear Kelsi:

    The plan of going to the college near you and taking the new major you planned on taking this coming spring didn’t work out.

    Make another plan.

    Maybe work and save money this time; maybe another college, another school, one with less expensive tuition- some work-and-study program. And better not burden your retired father. Find a way.


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