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    Well it appears I’m going to need a bit of a stronger push to help release all the toxins out of my digestion/intestinal tract. Unfortunately my digestion and intestines aren’t functioning really well anymore, like they were, just 3 months ago and the lesson again is absolutely no red meat ever or dairy anymore, it just doesn’t break down. I am now going to have to wing off and rid my body of all carbs/breads/white potatoes/pasta/refined sugars for awhile.

    Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at 10:30am to have a colonics/colon hydrotherapy performed to detox and cleanse out my entire intestinal track. http://www.scottsdalehydrotherapy.com

    I am going to also have to completely fast for 30 days min. To restart and refresh my entire body/digestion/thyroid/metabolism in order to achieve a fast/healthy/effective digestion again. It’s the only way. It’s no biggie but by listening to my body the past 2 weeks, it’s telling me my digestion needs immediate attention. So I took action last night by researching a good clinic close to me and I called the place to make an appointment this morning. The earliest they could get me in, is tomorrow morning at 10:30am. I was completely ok with that and grateful. I went to WF tonight and bought some Aloe Vera Juice and Bio-K probiotics after the hydrotherapy tomorrow. It says that after the colonic is performed, I’m going to need the bio-k afterwards and the Aloe Vera juice before and after the procedure.

    If I am not on here in the next few days for some reason, you will know why ahead of time. I

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening full of love, positivity and light. ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi Elletinker700,

    If i can ask, not trying to pry, what kind of digestion/ intenstine problems are you having? My mother had similar problems, and still does, and everything like cleaning out her colon made matters worst. My mother was diagnosed with diverticulitis and suffers from it daily. It sounds like a similar problem, however i’m no expert, so i could be horribly wrong. Obviously, best of luck and look forward to seeing you here soon.



    Hi there Matt,

    I recently noticed that in the past 2 weeks, I wasn’t expelling in the morning like usual. I could feel my tummy not feeling like its normal self, telling me that my intestines are severely backed up. I’m still here on the Angel of Water as we speak, cleansing. From at the expelling I’ve seen so far, I was badly backed up. Diverticulitis could be possible for sure. I need to have an allergy test done, sometime inthe very near future. You weren’t prying at all, thank you for the information you gave me ๐Ÿ™‚ I am going to educate myself about it/diverticulitis and see. The lady said that if if I feel sleepy, which I kinda am. Then that means I was toxicly backed up. This has been very relaxing so far and the release I needed for my intestines. The lights a very dim in here, spa like music, with lavender oil. Comfortable indeed, with a lot of privacy as I requested. The therapist can be in here if that’s what you want or you can page her if needed. I told her at the beginning I was most comfortable without her in here.

    Once again, thank you for the information. I am going to look into it.



    Update: After Hydrotherapy, the lady gave memos charcoal to drink (ounces and tasteless) some magnesium and coconut water, what to eat and then we scheduled another appointment for next Thursday for yet another treatment. When I came home from the Hydrotherapy which was around NOON, I had some coconut water w/aloe vera juice and so home made vegan split pea soup I cooked last week for lunch today. Shortly after I ate, I had some water and literally passed and slept for about 6 hours. I woke up at around 6pm my time, drank some water, got ready and then went and had a Soy soft serve. Since I am not able to have anything really heavy. http://tsoynami.com/menu/tsoynamis

    I went to WF after and bought some coconut water and some vegan garlic dill dip. Now I’m about to have some more vegan split pea soup. It was cute that while I was at WHOLE FOODS tonight, I saw a pretty lesbian couple in front of me at check-out/cashier counter. They had to take ask the cashier to take the pizza back because they said, that they both are gluten-free and dairy-free. I found that to be cute to eat healthy and support each other while grocery shopping. Little did they know, that I was right behind them, supporting them too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Had a really great day overall. Didn’t want to sleep for 6 hours but I knew it was to be expected and my intestines were so badly backed up, that I am so grateful for the colon hydrotherapy this morning.

    Thank you so much for reading and all your support, I greatly appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Namaste –


    Penny Green

    I might try this treatment to help kick start mine too ๐Ÿ™‚


    Guys, this may be entirely too much information…but I can’t not share it.


    Just go there, read the success stories and decide whether or not it’s something for you. I know people who suffered for years and now their lives have been forever changed for the better. They can’t even remember what their pain and suffering used to feel like!


    Have you ever done a 6 qt coffee enema? ย Unleash the demons!! You will feel amazing and will trip.out on the amount of craps you’ve got.

    Follow up with a Candida cleanse.

    If enema is not your thing may I suggest products from plexusm. They’ve got a triplex package that’s got probiotocs and a cleanse that has magnesium in it and it has been the only one that has ever delivered. You will poop multiple times a day. There also got something to add to your water which curbs hunger manages blood sugar.



    This is difficult situation, I wonder how you lose weight and how you manage your diet. Thank your sharing.


    How about trying Livcon, it is an Ayurvedic herbal formula to detoxing and it maintains healthy liver and colon function. The website link isย http://www.ishwarcenter.org/saiherbals/index.html


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