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    By that I mean, have you ever listened to an album and thought “This is so relatable” or “I know exactly what this person is talking about!” Does it hold any memories for you? Does a wave of nostalgia wash over you when you listen to it? Here are some albums that resonate with me

    Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope ( I got a hold of this shortly after I was outed by my Mum to my Dad, and it is my favourite album ever. This really encouraged me to live my life on my own terms. Plus I’m a sucker for 90’s R^B, so…

    Mary J Blige’s The Breakthrough ( I actually listened to this the day I found this site, and I feel like The Breakthrough is one giant affirmation. It encouraged me to take responsibility for my actions and stop being a victim.

    Usher’s Confessions ( This is my favourite R&B album by a guy. It’s full of complete and unconditional honesty about love & relationships, and it showed me how while the truth hurts (which is actually a song on the album in which Usher accuses his lover of cheating only to realise it is him who has been unfaithful), it is a sure way to inner peace.

    India.Arie’s Testimony: Vol. 1. Life & Relationships (,_Life_%26_Relationship) Like The Breakthrough, this album was a giant affirmation for me. India made neo-soul a lot easier to understand for me, and she has always lived her truth, even when it’s ugly. This album taught me to celebrate myself.

    Musiq Soulchild’s Aijuswannaseing ( Another neo soul album I understood from the jump. Neo soul artists are typically depicted as extremely earthy people, but I felt like Musiq was just an around the way guy singing about around the way guy things. I think this album reminded me that no-one is perfect.

    Mary J Blige’s My Life ( I think this must be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. While I aid earlier that The Breakthrough inspired me to take ownership of my life, there is nothing wrong with admitting you have been hurt, and I think that’s what Mary did on this album.

    Alicia Keys’ The Diary Of Alicia Keys ( Sometimes you just hear someone sing about something and can’t help but think “They put their heart and soul into this”, and there are few examples I can think of where a female R&B singer has sung about relationships so passionately. I think this album taught me to do the best you can even when it’s hard.

    Lyfe Jennings’ Lyfe 268-192 ( Yet another example of someone living in their truth. I also felt like this was very relatable.

    Toni Braxton’s More Than A Woman ( This was actually the first CD I ever listened to, and I actually put it here because everytime I listen to it, I feel like I’m 3 years old again.

    Brandy’s Afrodisiac ( I love this album because Brandy seemed very confident on this album and the opening song “Who I Am” reminded me how much romantic relationships can affect a person. The lyric “This experience made me who I am” especially resonated with me.


    What albums resonate with you?

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    Music is so amazing!  Going totally old-school (since I am old!) one of the albums that has always spoken loudest to me is John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High.  The A side (as the old vinyl had it) touched me in many ways, but it was The Season Suite on the B side that touched me and moved me and still does. He wrote it with Mike Taylor & Dick Kniss and it goes through the seasons from upbeat summer to spring through fall, winter and “Late Winter, Early Spring when everyone goes to Mexico.”  I run and I don’t know if this is what is meant by a runner’s high, but time I did feel something I could call that was when these words were made manifest :

    “Oh, I love the life around me – I feel a part of everything I see — And oh, I love the life within me — A part of everything is here in me.”

    Another album that caught me was Kirsty MacColl’s  Titanic Days.  It was released when my partner & I were on the brink of splitting up and its themes were so timely they nearly broke my heart.

    On a newer note, 10 Years album Autumn Effect speaks to me on so many levels of the suffering of humanity, the suffering of self, and I don’t know why, but hope as well.  They make me understand that we all suffer and yet we have the power to remove our suffering and the suffering of others.

    But your question caught me off guard and so I am feeling a blank on entire albums at this point 🙂

    I remember Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope but it has been years since I heard it. The other albums, I’ve heard songs off most but not the entire album. It’s amazing how where you are in your life when you hear something can have such a profound effect! Music is the best way for heart to speak to heart, I think!

    I used to talk music with my dad. His body lives 1600 miles away, but his mind is ‘away with the faeries’ as they say. This brings him close. Thank you!



    Amt Winehouse’s Back to Black. Amy can really transmit her emotions in music, and I think thats art. Last year was the hardest one for me so far, I was heart broken, emotionally unstable and alcoholic, and I feel I relate to her because of that. She was going through hard times too, but she didn’t make it. Since I noticed this, I think I became a music lover <3

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