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    Aaron Paradox

    Exploring the Mysterious World of Mystical Experiences: A Look into the Upcoming Documentary Film “Kensho” by Aaron Paradox

    A new documentary film, “Kensho,” is currently in the early stages of pre-production, and it aims to uncover the mysterious world of mystical experiences. The film’s creator, Aaron Paradox, has been thinking about this project for many years. Since its premiere seven years ago, his short animation film “Kensho” has gained popularity and won several awards at different film festivals around the world. Over the years, Paradox has received numerous messages from people who have viewed “Kensho” and wanted to share their own stories of mystical experiences with him. This prompted Aaron to delve deeper into the subject and produce a documentary film version of “Kensho.”


    If you have had a mystical experience and would like to participate in the film, the filmmakers would be grateful for your participation and would ensure that your story is told with sensitivity and respect. You can take part by filling in an online questionnaire on the project website.


    Additionally, if you know someone who has had a mystical experience and would be interested in participating in the film, please share this project with them.

    According to Steven Pinker, a prominent cognitive scientist, “Mystical experiences are extraordinary experiences that cannot be explained by the ordinary laws of nature. They are beyond the reach of scientific explanation, but they are not necessarily beyond the reach of scientific investigation.”

    Mystical experiences are often described as deeply transformative, non-ordinary states of consciousness that involve a sense of oneness or unity with the divine, the universe, or a higher power. These experiences are often characterized by a sense of profound mystery, awe, and reverence, and may involve a feeling of transcendence or liberation from ordinary reality.

    Mystical experiences are often distinguished from other types of spiritual or religious experiences in that they are typically thought to involve a direct and unmediated encounter with the divine or a higher power, rather than an interpretation or understanding of this encounter through the lens of a particular tradition or belief system. However, it is important to note that there is no one universally accepted definition of a mystical experience, and different individuals and traditions may have their own understandings of what constitutes a mystical experience.

    Mystical experiences can have both positive and negative psychological effects on individuals. Some possible positive effects include feelings of unity, peace, and transcendence; a sense of purpose and meaning in life; and an increased sense of self-awareness and personal growth. On the other hand, some possible negative effects of mystical experiences may include feelings of confusion, fear, or anxiety; a sense of disconnection or alienation from one’s community or previous worldview; and the possibility of challenging or destabilizing pre-existing beliefs and values.

    One of the main challenges of producing such a film is finding people who have had mystical experiences and are willing to share their stories on camera. These types of experiences are often deeply personal and may not be something that everyone is comfortable discussing publicly. It may take time and effort to find suitable participants for the film. Mystical experiences are also often difficult to put into words, and it can be challenging to convey the depth and intensity of these experiences through film. The filmmakers will need to carefully consider how to capture the essence of these experiences.

    If you want to help bring this film to life, consider purchasing one of the available crowdfunding perks. From t-shirts to posters, there are a variety of items to choose from. Not only will your support help fund the project, but you’ll also receive a thoughtful gift. All proceeds go directly towards funding the film, and the team greatly appreciates any contribution.


    Be sure to follow the film’s development by visiting the project website, and social media channels for updates and more information.




    Aaron Paradox

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    Aaron Paradox


    I’ve had many. Can I participate?

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