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    How do you incorporate daily workouts in your life? And how much brake do you take overall per year? Finally what positive aspects have you noticed since workings out daily.


    Dear Christiandad:

    Yes, I exercise daily. I take a daily hour+ long walk outside, usually in the afternoon. I do some core strengthening exercise every other day and a few yoga stretches every morning, to start the day on a positive note. How about you?



    I try to do yoga each day, even though I give up some months of the year and then I start it again and again. I don’t do harsh exercises, but mostly stretching poses that would relax me and recharge me in the morning. It helps with the backache I suppose.


    I do yoga and meditation daily. It takes lots of time to set a routine, but now I am habited. I also take walks at night.


    Hello Monday Wednesday and Friday I’m down the gym at half past four, and Tuesday and Thursday I get up at five and meditate for twenty minutes using Headspace and then practice some yoga.

    I have to admit I take it easy with the yoga, nothing like the amount of exercise as when I used to go classes





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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