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    Hi, I very recently got into the practice of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (a Nichiren Buddhist chant, but I’m not a Buddhist) for specific results regarding my personal and professional situation. There is no formal rule prohibiting meat in this practice, as I can see. This chant and the practice’s principles have a lot in common with the Law of Attraction, that’s my understanding.

    I am non-vegetarian, though I do not eat meat regularly. My question is: Is there any non-vegetarian here who has tried this practice – or the Law of Attraction or any other prayer – and gotten positive results?

    My intention is to reassure myself that I have hope my prayers will be answered even though I am a non-vegetarian. It is not my intention to start another debate on meat vs veg or ethics, as I have read through many such debates but they don’t answer the above question. I will be very grateful for your responses.


    Talking about the Law of Attraction specifically, I am also non-vegetarian, and in my experience it has worked quite positively for me several times thus far even with my limited understanding of it.

    As far as I’m concerned, being non-vegetarian should not in any way prevent you from seeing positive results. (= I see no reason why it would.

    Wishing you the best of luck,



    Isra, thanks a lot for your reply. It is reassuring.






    Nothing to do with what food we consume or what we chant unless we believe it.

    To manifest something you have to truly believe you already have it.

    A suggestion is to make a vision board featuring pictures to represent what it is you desire. Look at it everyday and really feel on an emotional level that you have already received it without any doubt.

    Our external experience mirrors what we think and feel




    I agree with Humanoid that in order to manifest something, you must truly believe it. But if you are wanting to raise your vibration in order to attract positive/high vibration outcomes, you do have to consider what you eat. If you think about the tremendous pain and fear the animals experience during their confinement and slaughter – that is the energy their bodies will vibrate with, and is what you ingest every time you ingest their flesh. Your vibration will only be able to get to a certain point. I can tell you when I stopped ingesting animal products, it was amazing the difference in my spiritual path – almost like a cleansing. That is my experience anyway. Best of luck to you!


    I followed Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for a long time, and my prayers were answered. The answers were always within me, my prayers helped me see them, even if these were difficult answers sometimes.

    I eat non veg in fact I started eating it openly, I used to hide before, after I took up Buddhism coz I don’t want to begrudge my life. I don’t want to abandon myself or part of myself.

    I have not read in millions of mentors toda and IKEA teachinngs which cover everything on earth, any reference to a person being vegetarian or non vegetarian. Leave this doubt. Doubts will not let prayers get answered coz your effort will be half hearted


    Hmmm…. I’m actually considering a relationship with a vegan who somehow found her way out onto the Northern Plains.

    I do have one question about the “fear and pain” thing.  While we don’t really have any direct correlation to what plants may or may not “feel,” it’s interesting to note that when some plants come under attack from pests and other agents, they communicate that to other plants via chemicals and sometimes to parts of their own system via chemicals.  Fear and pain, as animals experience, are simply cascades of chemicals and/or ions released in response to either direct external stimuli or perceived external stimuli.  Humans, as animals, can dissect or vivisect, another animal and trace nerves and other structures similar to what we have in our own bodies.  Again, as animals, we know how animals (at least complex ones), respond to pain/fear.  Is it not hubris to think that we “know” what plants experience?

    Also, with regard to fear/pain and animals some of that is autonomic nerve function that has nothing to do with fear or pain.  For example, I hunt ground rodents for farmers and ranchers that I know in the area.  Let’s say that I head-shot a ground squirrel at ~100 yards with a .17HMR.  The effect on the ground squirrel is about the same as if a person had been shot with a  .308Win or 30-06Sprg at that range.   You will see movement from the ground squirrel’s body, but the squirrel is unconscious and, for all intents and purposes, quite dead.

    I have two friends who hunt deer.  One uses a .375H&H Magnum rifle and the other uses a .300Wthby Magnum.  They are both good enough shots with a powerful enough rifle that the deer is Dead Right There (DRT) due to internal damage and hydrostatic pressure.  I cannot imagine the deer feeling too much pain and fear from that.


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