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    I’m done…

    I’m done with my co dependent behaviour

    done with being blamed
    done with being placed 3rd on priority list after football, family and video games
    done with being the one that enabled this in the first place

    done with being obsessed with him and thinking there’ll be no one better
    done with trying to draw negative attention, because it’s better than no attention ( I know it isn’t)
    done with being cursed at and being confronted with old mistakes every day every argument

    done with his cheapness
    done with his irrisponsible behaviour just because he has some savings (no job, education, nothing at 28)
    done with him not being willing to adjust to my lifestyle schedule so I can healthily continue studies (always wants to dine at 11 at night, stuff like that)

    done with the fact that everything I ask is replied to with a sigh and a ”I’m too tired” but when there’s something he needs to do for himself, it can be done instantly
    done with his commitment phobia or whatever he has that makes him not wanting to live together, because my 1 bedroom apartmet is too small
    done with the fact that in 3 years he hasnt put an effort in finding a nice bigger place for us to live, since my apartment is too small for him, so he continues living with his parents

    done with the fact that we can never have a stable rythm, 1 week we eat together every day, the other week he comes over at 11 at night. if he comes over at all.
    done with the fact that he is not excited to see me asap when something’s up, that he’s so smooth about it all, as if he doesn’t miss me at all
    done with the fact that he doesn’t care for my important days, doesn’t care to join me

    done with the fact that he has cheated on me so many times in the beginning of our relationship that now, whenever he’s busy on his cellphone messenger, I automatically assume it’s another one of his old flings
    done with resenting myself for paranoia and b*tchy behaviour towards him because if this..


    Just needed to vent :$


    “to decide, determine,” literally “to cut off,”
    Cut off those old habits out from your current energy and exchange them for new empowering and loving habits

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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